Monday, March 24, 2008


I am so overjoyed!!! I came in this morning and Ava was off of her oxygen and her blake tubes (chest tubes) were removed. Just another step closer to going home. I can not describe how ecstatic I am. It is so nice to come in and see steps forward. I am still waiting to hear when they are going to reschedule her G-tube surgery, hopefully it will be sometime this week.

I am so ready to go home, to take Ava home and to be a whole family. My stomach has butterflies just thinking of it. I want to go back to some normalcy, just to be able to start living again. I know that sounds funny, but when you are in the hospital your life gets put on some type of hold. To know that we are one step closer makes my day!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

I just to write this..."knock on wood."


The Bryant Family said...

I guess I missed why she needed a G tube. Tuck has one. I will go back and check again to see.
Hang in there, I know what you mean about life being put on hold. It does slowly get back to normal, as you well know. It is so hard, after having a child not being able to hold them and care for them as our nurturing self wants. I think that was the hardest for me. Tuck was almost 4 months old before I got to care day and night for him. It is very hard. I wish it upon no one! Have a great day and I will continue to say prayers for PROGRESS!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! OMG I'M SOOO EXCITED! She's such an amazing baby and i can't wait for you to be able to go home and be with your family! I absolutely LOVE the pictures you've posted! Your children are so incredibly beautiful! LOVE THEM! so I'm wanting to come see you guys Thursday since I have off. I'll be sure to call you ahead of time though to make sure you're still there! Can't wait to see you all and spend some time with you! Give Ava hugs and kisses and I will talk to you soon! I love you guys!!!