Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The News...

I have to make this quick, but I am very excited to share it with everyone!!! Yesterday, Kaden had an appt in KC. They put a little camera down his trach and his nose while he was awake to look at his vocal chords and other things. Everything looked GREAT!!! His vocal chords are not paralyzed!!! That means there is hope that he will be able to get rid of the trach and that is exactly what we are working towards. They seemed very thrilled that Kaden is staying off of the vent for as long as he is (approx. 12 hours during the day) so now we are working on taking him off at night. I was going to start last night, but time went a lot faster then the rest of me, I felt like I had way too much to do. So, tonight we will start. We are just going to start with the hours I am awake and see how he does and then as time goes on we will work up to more hours at night. So once he can show us that he no longer needs the vent, we will then start working on getting rid of the trach!

More big news...Kaden got a paci-meir (don't know how to spell) valve. This goes on his trach when he is off the vent. He can use his voice loud and clear. So yesterday we heard Kaden's true laugh. It is a beautiful laugh and every time I hear it I can't stop laughing. Last night, I heard my two boys laughing while playing with each other...big, happy laughs!!!! One of the greatest sounds I have ever heard. I can't wait to post a video of them laughing together!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Stay Tuned...

For some great news!!! I have a wonderful post to share, unfortunately I am worn out and it is late. I am super excited though and for some reason felt the need to leave some people wondering :). I hope to post tomorrow around lunch time!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How could we stay mad???

Yesterday Kaden had to change his card at school to orange. They have this system involving green, yellow, orange and red cards per student. They start out the morning and afternoon on green. The students have to change their cards, almost as warnings if they are not doing what they are suppose to do. Yellow is more of the warning, orange-miss a recess, red-principals office. Kaden has had to change his card once to yellow for basically telling the teachers no. Yesterday he came home with a green in the morning but an orange in the afternoon. Apparently he was "refusing" to work for the occupational therapist. I guess Nate left it to me to be the bad guy, telling Kaden he was going to be in trouble when mommy gets home (thanks).

He got his computer time taken away as well as his cartoons for the night (Nate thinks computer time should be taken away for the rest of the week, I think that is a little too harsh for a Kindergartener). As we were talking about it Kaden got out "white" (communication device) and typed the following:

"grandma wants to say roar Kaden no color yellow she going to be so mad grandpa wants to say growl kaden we not color orange not funny again nana wants to say no babies (a game they play) brody wants to say waa waa waa waa"

I thought it was so funny (especially since those three, are some of the most leneant people in his life). Nate and I couldn't help but laugh. I think Kaden had it planned out...how do I remind mommy and daddy of how stinken cute I am, I know...

What a clever little guy on my hands. Oh what is Brody going to learn????

Sunday, September 13, 2009


First of all, I want to apologize for not even posting some comments. I didn't do it on purpose. Typically, I read them in my e-mail account and publish them from there, I don't know what happened but when I logged in tonight to post, I noticed I had 6 unpublished comments. Sorry, I wasn't ignoring any of you.

Kaden continues to do well off the vent. He spends most of his time during the day off and I put him back on before bedtime. I would say he spends about a total of 2 hours on the vent during the day, the rest of the time he is vent free! Of course some days he is on longer but that is not often. He is enjoying kindergarten and is learning so much. Today he counted up to 100 for me by typing out the numbers on "white". He only needed help with the number 30. I am so proud of him...so not only was he able to count that high but he was able to recognize the numbers as well. As always it amazes me at how much is going on in that little mind of his.

Brody still only has two teeth. He is getting over an ear infection. He is starting to crawl more although he still prefers the army crawl. He has finally figured out how to sit up on his own. I can't believe he is already 7 months!!! Time sure does fly.

The house should be ready to move in within the next week or two. We'll see, I think I remember saying times frames earlier and yet we aren't in yet. It is really close though and I am super excited!

Ok, now for some pictures. Since I can't see my pictures when I post them I will just explain to you now what is being posted. Some are pictures of Kaden's 5th Birthday at Chuck-E Cheese and his first day of kindergarten. There are some of Brody that go back to almost a month ago. So here they are...

I forgot to rotate some of the pictures...sorry.