Friday, March 7, 2008

On Formula

Ava was switched from breast milk to formula because there is a leak in her lymphatic system...which basically means that the fat from the breast milk is leaking into her body which probably caused a lot of the bloating. With the new chest tube in, a "milky" color liquid is coming out which is how they discovered it. It is now coming out of her other two chest tubes as well. This is why they had to stop the breast milk and start her on a new formula, which is not as "fatty" as the breast milk. This should resolve on it's all of the pumping wasn't a waste of time!!! When it does resolve they will go ahead and put her back on the breast milk. They started weaning her from the sedation medicine even more, and she seems to be handling it well. So hopefully next week we can start weaning her from the vent just depends on how everything else goes.


Tyler Patrick Breuer said...

Wow. I hope the leak repairs itself sooner than later. Remember, God has His plan in place. Heart Hugs, Kathleen

Pam said...

Wow I know alot of people that have dealt with this same complication recently. At least you have some answers to her build up of fluid though.

We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Keep hanging in there.


Pam and Rhett