Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daddy's girl

Daddy is going to stay with Ava for the next couple of days while Kaden and mommy go hang out at home. We will come back up on Thursday. I told daddy that he needs to update the blog while I am gone.

Ava is doing better today. Last night they gave her a bolus of blood and it must have done the trick. Her O2 sats are back up and her heart rate has lowered a little. She is on a small amount of O2s and a small amount of flow. They are working on weaning her off of it. She is in daddy's arms right now...well actually on his lap. She still lays on a pillow when we hold her. It's just easier since she has those darn chest tubes. Other than that things seem a little back to "normal."

Kaden got a new book from his cousin Kolton and absolutely loves it (he is a bookaholic). He is so cute...last night the two of us were talking and he pointed to my breast pump. I asked him what he wanted and he signed "baby." I said, "Oh, yes mommy gets milk for the baby." I then asked him how mommy gets the milk just to see what he would say (I know, I'm kind of crazy). He went on to pull up his shirt and point to his "boob" and then signed "milk" and then "baby." I was laughing sooooo hard and of course he continued to do it. I called my dad to tell him the story and as I was talking he began to try and pull up my shirt. I pulled it back down so he just lifted up his again. My dad goes on to say..."That is just want he needs to start doing." Oops.

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The Bryant Family said...

Enjoy your time at home with Kaden. It will be a nice break. Have a great few days.