Thursday, March 6, 2008


Ava will most likely still be on the vent tomorrow...actually, I do not really know the plan for the vent right now...I will find out later though. Anyhow, the tube they put in this morning seems to be helping along with the med they've started. Ava doesn't look near as puffy as she did last night. Hopefully we will be working towards getting off of the vent soon, which means that hopefully everything else that is going on with her will work itself out so she can come off. Mommy wants to hold her really bad. The feeling just gets worse and worse as each day passes. I am sure she wouldn't mind getting off of her back. Her poor little head is getting flat in the back. She is going to be one spoiled little girl once she is off of the vent.

On another note, Kaden had an OT appt today to work again on oral stimulation. He did alright. He kind of threw a fit...ok, a tantrum halfway through. But he calmed himself down with the help of mommy and daddy's encouragement and finished the task asked of him. After today's appt. I am pretty sure that he has a lot of work ahead of him...but at least he can push himself through it. I am so proud of both of my babies and the strength and willpower they hold withing themselves. They are absolutely amazing in my eyes and I am soooooo proud to be their mommy!!!


Isabella said...

I am praying for Ava to be extubated soon. It will be so great when you get to hold her. I am glad they figured out a way to get rid of that extra pocket of fluid. Hopefully when they get the fluid off, they will be able to extubate. Hang in there.
Praying for you always.
Remember if you need to talk, I am only a phone call away!!

Pam said...

We too are praying that Ava will be off the vent soon. I know they have told me that once off the vent then things fall into place.

It's just that when something is breathing for you it kind of puts your whole body out of wack, because it's artifical. Does that make sense?

Anyways, it sounds like sweet Ava is getting better. I stalk you at least 4 or 5 times a day waiting for updates.

Give Kaden a high five for finishing his task!! That is great!!

Thinking of you and praying as always!!

Anonymous said...

What a roller coaster ride it is being at the hospital! The pain of not being able to cuddle your little one is almost unbearable. I pray that your day for that is right around the corner. You are such an amazing mother to your children and even though we have not met, I am inspired by you. Try to get alittle rest, those chairs are pretty comfy in the NICU:) Thinking of you always!