Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Xavier and Family

So, here is a picture of our new little nephew with his very happy family. I am sure Michael and Amy are going to have lots of little hands to help them out. Amy did say that she was already told that poopy diapers are out of the question. If you would like to leave a message or read more about their family go to www.boeckman6.blogspot.com

Monday, July 21, 2008

Xavier Patrick...

We have a new little baby in our lives. Our nephew Xavier was born today weighing 7lbs 15oz and 19 inches long. I will try to post pictures soon, if I can get them off of my sister in-laws blog or when you go visit them Friday (hopefully). Kaden seem to be happy about the idea of having a new baby cousin.

Speaking of Kaden...
Tonight, Nate and I went out to eat with some friends while Kaden stayed at grandpa and grandma's house...also there was cousin Miles. Well, I heard the story twice tonight...and actually it was the same story. First my parents told me and then Kaden while we were driving home.

Kaden and mommy's convesation (remember Kaden signs)...

Kaden - "cry"

Mommy - "Who cried?"

Kaden - "cousin"

Mommy - "Why?"

Kaden then punched himself then grabbed his ear and touched his head

Mommy - "You punched Miles in the ear and head?"

Kaden - "yes, cried."

Mommy - "You cried, why?"

Kaden - "Grandpa, no"

Mommy - "because grandpa said no?" (grandpa never says no)

Kaden - "yes."

Mommy - "did you say you were sorry?"

Kaden - "yes" then he hugged himself

Mommy - "you gave Miles a hug?"

Kaden - "yes."

We then of course talked with Kaden about not hitting. He loves to "play fight" especially with daddy and Miles. I don't think he quite understands that he can only "play fight" when the other person wants to as well. My dad said that when he went in the room to see why Miles was crying and Miles explained to him what happened Kaden was cracking up. So when my dad told him that hitting was a no-no it really hurt Kaden's feelings because he was just really excited to be sleeping with Miles and that's when Kaden started crying. So then they asked the boys to give each other a hug and I guess they laid next to each other hugging for about two minutes. I wish they took a picture (I could use that some day : ) ).

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Kaden being silly

Kaden showing off his new underwear...he gets to wear his underwear for awhile after he uses the big boy potty

During the 4th of July celebrations, Kaden decided he wanted to get his face painted...but quickly changed his mind so mommy rescued him

Daddy talked him into painting his leg...but daddy had to do it

Since daddy couldn't draw Elmo, he spelled it instead, Kaden was impressed

Kaden enjoying the 4th of July parade...waiting for candy to be tossed to him

Hiding from the sun

A couple of my friends and I on a girls weekend a few weeks ago

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Baby girl,
You are always on my mind. I miss you terribly, however when I see your pictures I can't help but smile. You have a beauty that I am in total awe of and it will never be forgotten. I get lost in you big beautiful eyes when looking at your pictures. I pray every night that you can still feel all of the love that we have for you. I hope you can hear the bedtime stories your big bubby picks out for you and that you receive the kisses we send to you in Heaven. You are our love. Your brother has dedicated a new song to you "You Are My Sunshine" and loves to sing it to your picture. Isn't he such a wonderful singer : )!!! I just wanted to let you know that I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS love you and that there isn't a day that goes by that you don't cross my mind. You and the love I have for you will be forever be engraved in my heart. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful and special angel watching over us. Thank you.

Loving You Always and Forever,

(daddy and Kaden miss you and love you tons)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More News...

First of all, I am sorry that I haven't posted much lately. I just haven't been in "the mood." I have a lot on my mind...as always and I have just been trying to RELAX.

Our fourth was great. We spent time with family, went to our local celebration including a carnival and fun activities. We went to a monkey show, that Kaden absolutely loved, he was even able to take a picture with one of the monkeys. When asked what monkeys like to eat, Kaden signed apples. I thought that was kind of funny. Boy, he got really upset when the monkeys would go back into the trailer and he would have to wait for another to come out. I have pictures to post, but I don't have the energy right now to do it. Nate's birthday was the fifth, we went out to eat and had cake and ice cream. Sunday, Nate's family came down and we celebrated some more. That was our weekend.

So now for the news. After thinking about when I actually wanted to post this, I decided I would just do it now (although, honestly I am second guessing my decision). Nate and I found out on Father's day that I am pregnant. It was a total surprise, although the time leading up to finding out I really thought it could be a possibility. I am really nervous but at this time I am hopeful that everything will be fine, how could it not be??? I am sick ALL day, something I didn't experience with Kaden or Ava. I really do not know what to think or feel at this time. I do believe that God knows his plan, and hey, I can't argue with that.

So that is it, that's our life...Nate's one year older, Kaden thinks monkeys rather eat apples then bananas , and me...well I am pregnant.