Saturday, March 15, 2008

Want to help???

I have met a wonderful mother who is up here with her little girl. I first found her blog through Gabi's. Her daughter Chelsea has been battling cancer. She is up here most of the time, getting occasional breaks to go home with Chelsea to her hubby and son, until the next dose of chemo. Unfortunately, somebody has to bring in the money for bills and that is her husband right now. He has to work the full 40 hour week just for them to get by. She has thought of a wonderful idea.....
Carey (Chelsea's mommy) sells Mary Kay. She figured out what it would take so her husband could take one day off of work to be at the hospital with Chelsea, holding her and providing her comfort....20 tubes of mascara. So, if she could sell 20 tubes of mascara they could afford for him to be off for a day. If you want to help you can visit her blog at
There, she has put directions on how to order and you can read the story about her beautiful little girl and all the things their family has been faced with. Thank you.

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