Sunday, March 16, 2008

Baby Steps

Today the steri-strips on Ava's incision were removed. It looks good, a little part of it towards the top is not totally closed but it will heal. The nurses just have to keep it clean. She looks more and more like a baby each day. I know that might sound weird, but the more she gets rid of, the more I can look at her and see a sweet little baby. Not that I didn't think she was a sweet baby before, but everything that she was hooked up to makes you lose some of the focus on her just being a baby.

I am so thankful for the strength my babies were blessed with. I have learned so much and grown tremendously as a person just from knowing these two miracles. Looking back I would not imagine myself taking on this type of lifestyle and being, what I consider, successful. I am proud of Nate and I as parents. We could have run away, but that NEVER crossed our minds. We were faced with a "challenge" and stepped up to the plate. (Sorry if you think I am tooting my own horn.) I am happy that God trusted us enough with these two lives, with these two loves. He saw in us what I never would have and opened our eyes to it. I will admit, I sometimes doubt myself, doubt us as parents...but then I see Kaden's smile and all that he has overcome and then some...and then there is Ava's expressive eyes and known determination and I know that we have done something right!!!


Anonymous said...

hi there

I too have a TS girl and we're so proud of her!

Happy to answer any TS question ;-)


Isabella said...

You just go on and toot your own horn!! I know that you are awesome parents and I think the rest of the world would agree with me!! You guys are amazing and yes I think God hand picks us for these very special children.
Love and Prayers

Shelly Sullivan said...

You have every right to 'toot' your own horn! Keep making those baby steps Ava...

The Bryant Family said...

I am so glad Ava is off the vent and progressing so well. It does seem to go slow at times. Reading your blog brings me back to the times when we were at the place you are now. The memories and feelings come rushing through. We had the swallow study, ended up with a NG tube. We had reflux and huge eating issues. It is good though that they are moving on the those things that will get you and Ava home together. Hang in there. I would love to come and meet you.
It is OK to toot your own horn. Many times we beat ourselves up as parents and think of the bad, it is great that you can realize that you can handle what God has given and have done a good job. Hugs-

Caden said...

I feel the same way, so don't feel bad. :) I know that I am proud of Paul and I, and I am proud of Megan and Matt, and of you two. I believe that our babies are heroes, but so are we! I feel so fortunate to have this family, and to really appreciate every time that I can just bend down and pick Caden up. I almost feel bad for the people that take their children or their children's health for granted. It's like they are not getting the full advantage of watching their babies grow. I don't think I could say that to most people, they wouldn't understand, but you especially do! I am so happy that things are going well for Ava, and things will continue to get better and better!

Anonymous said...

You both are wonderful parents and when I look back at everything you have done and accomplished and pulled thru those rough times I commend you both. Your children learn from you just as you learn from them. So if you want to toot your horn, you go right on tooting it girlie. We hope to see you tomorrow. Give Ava kisses for us and know that we are praying for you all.
Lots of love,
Pamela and Megan

Gabi's Mommy said...

You and Nate deserve way more praise then you could ever give yourselves. It takes a very special couple to care for a child with 1 disability, let alone 2 children. He knew not only would you 2 individually be able to handle the challenge, but you would work great together.
As the saying goes, We are never given more than we can much I hate hearing it, I do believe there is truth in it!
We are so glad to hear Ava is doing so well. What a wonderful thing to see your precious girl as herself and not hooked up! I can't wait to make it up there again and see the difference for myself.
I have Gracie all this week and f it would be ok with you maybe we might come up, she loves visiting Chelsea!

love and prayers:)

Anonymous said...

You go girl!
Heather D.