Friday, March 7, 2008

My Boys Left...AGAIN

Nate and Kaden left...again. I am going to start not liking Friday nights, oh starting tonight. Hopefully we will not have many more of them up here because we will all be at home. At least this this time I did not cry...YET. I do not like to cry in front of Kaden, I do not want him to think it is "bad" that he is leaving and I am staying. He was excited to go home though...that is for sure. Him and daddy are going to a benefit dance tomorrow night for one of my friend's (she is really considered family) mom. She has been battling cancer and having to fly back and forth for chemo. Her family is so supportive and doing what they can to help out. They have dinner/dance nights to raise money for her (along with other projects), I believe this is their second dance. I feel bad that I can not make it, but I will be there in spirit. I think Nate and Kaden will enjoy themselves though. They came up with a really cute name...18 Strong, Fighting For Mom (she has 18 loving, dedicated children, who will do anything for her).

It is so funny how when growing up you would never imagine anything challenging facing you. I know that my dream was to get married and have two babies. I never even imagined the "what if." I surprise myself at all that I have taken on. I'd like to say that I am proud of myself. Not only that, but I am proud of Nate too. He absolutely is an amazing daddy. He does things that I don't know if many other daddies could do. Between the stress of his job and the stress of having a child that faces challenges (let's face it, it does get stressful at times), he hangs in there. Don't get me wrong...we have our difficulties, but we get through them together. I am so thankful that I found a man who is not scared of a challenge and instead rises to them. Thank you baby, for being a wonderful daddy and supporting all of us through this. You are our ROCK!!!

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