Sunday, March 2, 2008


I came in this morning and Ava looked much more comfortable. They have her pain meds still going and as the nurse said...the meds probably caught up with her, FINALLY. She woke up for a little bit, I think she just needed her diaper changed. I changed it for her and talked to her while I was doing it and she amazingly stayed pretty calm. She is not a big fan of getting her diaper changed. They started her lasix drip again...this is the med that helps her pee so she can get rid of the extra fluid she has built up (something else I mentioned to the doctor yesterday). Most likely they will not try extibating her until the end of this week, she has to get rid of all the fluid. This could be part of the reason she had such a hard time yesterday.

When I came in the nurse said that one of the surgeons (not Ava's surgeon) said that her chest x-ray from this morning looked horrible...the nurse did not know what he meant by that. I am hoping I see the doctor soon so I can ask. I am assuming that she probably has fluid built up around her least that is what I hope because she can always pee that off. We will see.

Last night I actually slept pretty well...except for when I had to get up to pump. I called Nate early this morning and he said he had a hard time sleeping because of the lack of noise. Kaden slept at grandma and grandpa's because Nate had to work. My parents also had a hard time sleeping but because of the amount of noise. For those of you who do not know, Kaden's vent seems kind of noisy...but I guess the more you are around it the more you are use to it. I think it kind of sounds like the ocean myself : ) . I was so tired last night the lack of or the amount of noise did not bother me at all. It was kind of weird to have the whole bed to myself though.
Nate said he felt the same way. Oh well, we will all be squished again soon!!!


Mary B. said...

It sounds like she just doesn't want to be pushed, and that's okay! I'm so glad she had a better day.

Anonymous said...

That is good news that she seems to be handling things a little better. It is amazing how the parents can tell when their babys are hurting but the Dr.'s do not sense it. I am praying that the chest xray is just fluids and nothing more major, since the Dr seemed concerened. Funn how things work out such as the noise. Those on things that you adjust to and get used to them. Glad to hear that you were able to get some rest. I am sure that Kaden probably slept good since he was at his Grandparents house and knew that he was going to be getting to go back to school, even though he misses his mommy and daddy and little sister. But he probably kissed Ava goodnight and put her picture by his side to sleep. Praying for Ava's comfort and for you not to beat the Dr.'s up for not listening to you.
Love Always,