Sunday, August 31, 2008

Times Two

I just wanted to congratulate my cousin Tabitha and her husband Gary on the arrival of their twin daughters, Sierra and Alyssa. The girls were born Aug. 29th, 5 weeks early. Sierra weighed 5 lbs and Alyssa was at 4 lbs 10 oz. Sierra is currently on oxygen because she is having difficulty keeping her O2 sats up and both girls are being feed by NG tube. They are expecting the girls to have about a two week stay in the NICU. Please keep them in your prayers. I have not yet had a chance to post a photo of the girls, but I will when I get a hold of a photo.

Congratulations you two!!! I can't wait to meet them.

Update: I just talked to my cousin, and Sierra was actually on C-PAP. She is now off and seems to be doing better, with occasionally needs of oxygen. Alyssa is holding her own, however. Mom is doing fine, but sounds very tired and ready to get her girls home. Hopefully I will being posting a picture tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today was an emotional day for me. I don't know if it had to do with hormones or just frustration, but my mind was definitley on Ava and Kaden today.

I miss Ava terribly. I think about her all of the time. I know that she is watching over us and I pray that she feels the love that we still have and always will have for her.

Today I was really frustrated about a comment somebody made about Kaden (which at this time I do not wish to post). The more and more I thought about the comment, it has been on my mind ALL day by the way, the more and more frustrated I got. Although I had that on my mind, it also brought to my mind how much I really miss Ava. I know I miss her and I know what has happened, but it truly has felt like ages ago. Normally my every day thought of Ava is her beauty and all the time and love we shared with her (I know that sounds cliche, but it is true).

Ava, know that mommy, daddy and bubby miss you and love you. You hold such a special place in our lives and nothing will ever replace that. Your beauty will forever be in my mind. Thank you for coming in to our lives and bringing us so much joy and love. We will love you for the rest of our lives.

Love you always and forever,
mommy, daddy, and your bubby

As for Kaden:

I want you to know how much joy you too, have brought to mommy and daddy's lives. You have taught us more then anyone ever has. You are so amazingly bright. Know that you can do ANYTHING...which you have proven day after day. There is nothing that can get in your way, remember that. You can be anything you want. You are not like everybody are MORE. You have overcome things without even thinking twice about them, not just anybody would be able to do that. Keep your strength and your beliefs. Don't ever let somebody tell you that you can not do something. You are a miracle and every day I see it. Thank you for being you. I pray and hope that other's learn how to live life like you. You are the happiest, most loving boy and we are so lucky that we get to enjoy you. We will love you forever and ever.

Love always and forever,
mommy, daddy and angel Ava

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Tough Being 4

My poor bubby had to get his four year shots today. There wasn't just one, or two, or even three. There were FOUR and yep, one at a time. Nate and I did tell him that we were going to the doctor's today and that he was going to get shots and that it would hurt but only for a second, but unfortunately I don't think anything can prepare a four year old for stinking shots. I held Kaden during the shots, but Nate said that he gave the nurse who was giving the shots a look that said he will never like her again. Afterwards nothing made him happy except leaving and going home. Even then when we got home I put in his favorite cartoons and he sat in the chair for about an hour and a half without much reaction to his cartoons, which normally would cause a ton of laughter and screeching throughout them. He was not a happy camper. Once he got over being upset he then was very willing to show everyone his "ouchies."

The nurse told us "the good news" that he should not need another shot until he is 11unless things change. Unfortunately for Kaden he still gets the flu shot every year and actually this weekend or week sometime I am suppose to take him back to get blood drawn. I hate being poked let alone taking my baby to get poked. Anyone else want to take him for me ; ).

Off subject: I just wanted to mention how much I HATE potty training. Things are starting to go downhill. Any suggestions??? I don't think he realizes when he needs to go, he does know afterwards though.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remembering Gabi

January 12, 2007 - August 20, 2007

If you haven't already, check out her blog at

Monday, August 18, 2008

Updated Baby News...

There is not too much to report, but thought I would update you all on the baby and the belly. I went to my first doctor's appt. last week and got to hear the heart beat. I am guessing that we are having a boy, just by listening to the heart. However, I really thought that Kaden was going to be a that is how great my intuition is. We will be having a sonogram done on the 5th of Sept. I am very anxious to get this done. I am starting to get really excited though, especially now that my sickness is pretty much gone. I have my moments every once in awhile, but for the most part it is gone. I am very tired all of the time...and MOODY. As for the belly, it is noticeable. It actually has been noticeable for a long time now. I am so frustrated with the clothes situation. I didn't buy to many warm weather outfits with Ava because I was not showing as early, so trying to find something to wear now is driving me nuts. Hopefully not too much longer for fall weather...for so many reasons.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I just received a heartbreaking phone call from a mom I met at the Ronald McDonald House when we were up there with Ava. They actually live in the same town as us, not too far from our house. Well, her little girl was sent home with a trach and vent (like Kaden). She just passed away about an hour ago. Please send prayers their way.

I know how much all of your supportive and encouraging words have helped us during our loss and I really want her to be able to feel that support. However, she does not have a blog, but...I was thinking if you all wanted to help you could e-mail me a message for her or even mail me a card for her and I will get them to her. My e-mail is

We are thinking and praying for you family. If you need anything, please, please, please call me.



Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Kaden.
Happy birthday to you!!!!

Happy Birthday Kaden!!! You are getting so big, so fast. Slow down a little bit, just for mommy, ok. We love you big boy!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Bubby!!!

I can't believe that Kaden will be four in two days. He is growing up so fast, it's unbelievable.

Daddy and mommy are so in love with you. We couldn't ask for anything more. You are an amazing gift from God and we feel truly blessed to be your parents. You are AMAZING!!! You have taught us more then we could have learned in a lifetime on our own. You are an inspiration and everyone who has the pleasure of meeting you is lucky. We are so proud of you. You bring smiles to many faces, including mine each and EVERY DAY!!!

Kaden, I wish I could express to you more how much you touch people's hearts. I have never witnessed someone who has met you that hasn't been in awe. You are definitley a miracle, not only to us but the world. You bring out something that people need in their lives. I wish you could look into daddy and mommy's hearts to see exactly what I am talking about. Just know that there isn't anything that you could or couldn't do that would change just how much we love you.

Thank you for being you. Don't ever change for anyone. You are amazing just the way you are!!! We love you big boy!!! Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Love Always and Forever,
Mommy, Daddy, Angel Ava and baby

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun At The Park

It was a pretty nice day today, so Nate, Kaden and I enjoyed ourselves at the park for a little while. Kaden seems to love the park. He couldn't get enough of the swings or slides. Hopefully it starts getting cooler outside sooner then later so we can enjoy the park more often!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Quick Story...

Since we have began serious potty training with Kaden, he continues to make progress. He still however doesn't tell us when he needs to go without us asking him first. Last night after I got home from work, I put Kaden on the potty before we took him to bed. He didn't use it but stood up from it, bent over to get his wipes and took two out. He then began to wipe his bottom...what a big boy. I was laughing so hard but it didn't phase him because he put one down and grabbed the other and continue to wipe. I think that is great news...I won't have to worry about the "mommy, I'm done" part of it all!!! Ok, ok, ok, for those of you who really know me, know that I probably won't let him wipe his own bottom after he goes potty for awhile because of the chance of getting stuff on his hands. YUCK, what more can I say???

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Life just keeps getting busier and busier. Friday Kaden had a doctor's appt. at Children's Mercy. The doctor was very impressed with Kaden. She hasn't seen him in a few months so she hasn't seem him walk on his own or come of the vent for a longer period of time. She seemed to be very pleased with Kaden's progress. She turned the breath rate totally off on his vent and turned his pressure support down. So now he is taking all of the breaths on his own. Kaden in her first home vent patient...she also took care of him when he was in the NICU. She wanted to bring him up to the NICU to show him off to the physicians and others who might know him up there. Kaden lived up to the "showing off" part of it. He stayed off of the vent on our way up and even while we were up there part of the time. He wanted the vent back when he was trying to show everyone how he can say Elmo. He can't make much noise when he is off of the vent. We saw one of the nurse practioners that use to work with Kaden. He began to walk to her and then shook his head no and turned to walk to daddy. It made her cry...which almost made me cry.

After that we went to Nate's hometown to Kaden's cousin's birthday party. Poor guy, we have been talking about his own birthday coming up and then he had to watch someone else open presents. I don't think he quite understood that : ).

We have been cracking down on the potty training. I decided to make a potty chart for Kaden hoping that will peek his interest in using the potty. Everytime he pees in the potty he gets one sticker and for everytime he poops (such a lovely word) he gets two. We gave him a goal of 10 stickers for the first week and if he accomplished that he would get to get a new book. The first week he got 18 and that is minus Friday because we were away from home all day and I am not ready to put him on the potty at the hospital. I actually was thinking that I am going to have to buy a traveling potty seat to put on public toilets and lots of clorox wipes. That part really scares me...GERMS, ugh. I am really proud of him. He doesn't really ask to go (he did once for me) but he does say yes most of the time when we ask him if he needs to. He is getting so big!!!

As for me and the baby...well, we are hanging in there. I still get sick, but not as often. I can NOT handle smells. I had to have Nate brown hamburger for me tonight because I started dry heaving (nice, I know). I haven't had a doctor's appt yet believe it or not. I saw the nurse practioner but that was to talk about past history, I am very frustrated with the whole thing. I am now in my second trimester, which is amazing to me. It is going by so fast. That is my life right now...potty training and dry heaving!!!