Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stay Strong Tucker

Please pray for Tucker. He was born with a hypoplastic left heart (like our Ava). His mother had found out about a heart surgeon in Boston that reconstructs the heart to make it whole again. Well, he just had surgery to get his whole heart today and is doing very well. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as he still has to recover.

Stay strong big boy. You are in our thoughts and prayers. XOXOXOXOXO

About us:
I will post more later. I am tired (still) and need to get to bed. Things are going well though. Brody is now on baby foods and has been for almost two weeks now (2 weeks this Sunday). He LOVES them.

Kaden is, as always, simply amazing. He continues to grow and learn new things. Potty training is going great with a day or two of set backs, but back to wanting to use the potty (nothing a little money couldn't handle ;) ). He is tolerating coming off of the vent very well and my plan is to push him as much as possible this summer.

I took the boys swimming last weekend at my parents. They both loved it. Kaden has been before but never really wanted to stay in longer then 15 minutes. This time he stayed in for at least two hours (while off of his vent). He wanted to go under water like his cousin:(. I told him once we get rid of the trach he can go under all he wants. My mom and I were trying to come up with some ideas on how trach kids could go swimming more safely and go under water...still thinking, then we would need to send it to someone powerful like Oprah :) to get it made. Oh, one can dream, right???

Anyway, more later. I am off to bed. Yawn....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oodles of info...

Ok, I know, that title is kind of corny...but it is the first thing that popped into my head. So anyway, things have been kind of busy (like always). I really wanted to post pictures last weekend, especially since I do not seem to find time during the weeks to do so. However, I was sick on Sunday and couldn't stop vomiting enough to post. I will definitely try again this weekend.

Things are going well. The boys and I had appts. on Thursday. Brody has his four month check up. He is now 19.5 lbs and 29 3/4 in. long (98% for weight, 99% for height). He is in 18 months clothing (some 12 mos). He continues to roll on his belly...ALL OF THE TIME and seems to enjoy it better. He babbles all of the time and laughs at us constantly. Brody has learned to spit bubbles. In my toddler class that IS NOT allowed, but with him it is too cute so I have to admit, I kind of encourage it ;). He is absolutely fascinated with his bubby, Kaden. It is too sweet.

Kaden also had an appt. We headed to KC for his. We just had occupational therapy, which we just started last month to work on oral stimulation (trying to get him eating by mouth). He did awesome. I was so proud of him. Of course it took a little bribing (stickers are such a blessing), but hey, it got him focused and ready to work. He is such a big boy. Potty training is going GREAT. He still has his accidents, about once a day...but we actually have been able to get him to tell us that he needs to go while we are out too (which has been hard to do). After his appt we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart. On our way there Kaden told us he needed to use the potty and held it until we got there and made it to the potty. Another proud mommy moment (something only a mommy can appreciate I guess). He is doing unbelievable with spelling. I honestly can say that he can spell more words then not (within his vocabulary, if that makes any sense). He, again, continues to amaze me.

My appt. was due to the fact that I just have not been feeling myself. They took blood to test a number of things. Everything came back within normal limits. They did say that I am anemic, so I have to start taking vitamins again (I am horrible at taking pills and couldn't wait to stop taking pre-natal vitamins, but now I am back on them). I am to go back to see the Dr. if I continue to be nauseous, tired and have a new found pain in my upper abdomen area (which I didn't know existed until the Dr. was pushing around on it hurt!). No...I am not pregnant...had that thought myself...but 4 home test and one blood test has confirmed it. Well enough about me.

Today after I got off of work my boys (including Nate) and I went to the zoo. We went to something called "Dream Night". It is an evening set up for "special needs" children and their families. It is a free evening of fun. Kaden had a lot of fun. He had his heart set on seeing the monkeys, however the only thing we could find were the orangutans and they were sleeping. He also talks about "big cats" all of the time and said he wanted to see the lions. We found the lions and he decided that they were scary and didn't want to stay in that area very long. He is funny. I forgot my camera but they did give out disposable cameras. Kaden also got a t-shirt and a stuffed animal (a big, SOFT stuffed panda bear). They provided dinner and musicians. Kaden wasn't too into dancing tonight for some reason. When we got back on the road, Kaden said he had fun and signed "more." I think he was already ready to go back. I asked him if we could go again another day and he was definitely into that.

So anyway, that is what we have been up to besides Nate working on the house which seems to be getting closer and closer for move in time. Can't wait!!!

Oh and Jenny, from Zach's Gang...sorry I just found your comment from the end of May (long story). Thank you so much for the award. I haven't had a chance to see which one, but thanks a lot for thinking about us!!!

Sorry that this is everywhere and unfortunately I am not going to proof read so it could be even worse. I hope you got through it without too much confusion!!!