Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Tube

This morning Ava got another drainage tube to help get rid of the fluid built up around her left lung. It seems to be helping...there has been a good output. She also looks a little less puffy, I guess her protein levels were low (which would make her puffy) so they started her on another med to help with that. They hope to extibate by tomorrow...we will see.

Nate and Kaden made it in last night. I really think Kaden would rather be home. Last night when we were leaving the hospital, Kaden signed home. Poor guy...but he's being such a trooper about it all. Right now he is watching his ever so loved Oswald video with the baby. Actually, he is watching it and Ava is enjoying a nap in her bed warmer. What a great big brother to "share" his favorite video with his sissy.


Anonymous said...

I love hearing how sweet Kaden is. What a great big brother!! Kids are so amazing. I'm glad to hear that the extra tube is helping and I will pray that she gets that vent off tomorrow. Anything you need at the hospital for YOU? Below is my email address if you ever need anything...


aunt amber said...

Just wanted to post a hi and that you guys are in my prayers. Sounds like Ava is making great progress...thank you Jesus. Have fun at the movies with Kaden...I will be taking my little ones to that as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

nate & amy,
i am praying for ava every night. i hope we can see you soon. we can not see you this weekend though because dylan & sydnie do not feel well. hope ava will come home soon.

your niece,