Tuesday, March 18, 2008

As we get one step closer...this was taken a couple of days ago.
Kaden and daddy are watching cartoons.
Kaden meets Cha-Cha (I think that is it's name) from the Rainforest Cafe. They served dinner one night at the RMH. Kaden was a little nervous at first, but then couldn't get enough of him (or her).

After getting her big girl crib.

Mommy holding Ava for the first time since before surgery.

Kaden sleeping with his sister's picture. He put her on the pillow and actually fell asleep next to her. Sweet.
As I walked in to check if Kaden had fallen alseep I noticed the picture next to his face. I asked my dad and Nate if they put the picture there, but they didn't. When I went to move the picture he actually still had a hold of it. I thought it was the cutest thing. He is so sweet, I almost felt bad for moving it.
After coming off of ECMO...daddy is cheering her on.
Finally off of ECMO.

So here is the much needed picture updates. As you can tell Ava seems to be progressing quite well. She is starting to look so much older already....I know she is only 7 weeks, but I just can't believe how much she has changed already. I can so see me in her more than her daddy...but Kaden I think takes after daddy so it's only fair.
Kaden and I are home. It was actually kind of weird coming home...I kind of forgot exactly what it looked like, or something...I don't know how to explain it. It feels good being here, but I miss my baby girl already. I just can not wait for the four of us to be home together. I am so looking forward to that day. Hopefully not too much longer.


Isabella said...

I love the pics. The first one of Ava is just way to sweet. She looks awesome Amy!! And of course I love the one of Kaden holding her pic in his sleep. I am glad you got to go home for a few days. Enjoy your time at home!!
Love and Prayers

crackerjacksMO said...

OMG, she is so adorable!! Look how much she has grown! Lovely eyes and a great complexion. I am glad to see Ava is doing so well.

Caden said...


She looks WONDERFUL!!! She is so adorable! It is so cute that he slept with her picture... what a sweet little man you have. She looks great in all of the pictures that you posted. I am so happy for you all!


Amy said...

Ava looks so cute. She has changed so much since we last saw her. I cannot wait to see you guys again. Michael went to the Dr this A.M. and got an antibiotic for his sinus inf, so maybe we will all be healthy soon. She looks soo much like a little girl. I love her dark hair. And that with the pink outfits are just adorable.
Kaden is going to be such a great big brother also. I just love the pics of him sleeping with Ava. (I think I tell you that everytime I see them) Hope you enjoy being home. Whit said you are going to get your hair done, somehow that always feels refreshing. Maybe being home and getting your hair done will give you a fresh start. Hopefully with a little less stress.
If I dont post before this weekend, have a good weekend and a very happy Easter. We will talk to you guys soon.
Big hugs and kisses to Kaden and Ava and the two of you also.

Gabi's Mommy said...

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures! Ava looks amazing. How sweet is big brother Kaden holding onto sissy...that is priceless, why to capture such a special moment.

I am so glad you were able to get home for a while, it is so important you get away from the hospital. I know that was the toughest thing for me, to leave Gabi's side, but I always felt so refreshed!

Love and Prayers:)

Anonymous said...

Amy and Nate,
Your baby girl is beautiful and that son of yours in priceless! It doesn't get much sweeter then him holding on to his little sisters picture! What an amazing family you have. EAch day is one day closer to coming home!! Go Ava Go!!


sherry said...

Amy,Ava is beautiful. Enjoy the time you have at home with Kaden.Hopefully all four of you will be home safe and sound soon . I am so glad that both Kaden and Ava are doing well. your family is in our prayers.
Sherry Shefelton

Pam said...

Oh my goodness!! That first picture she looks like Kaden!!

What a beautiful little sweet heart!!

It's so neat that Kaden is so in love with her.


Pam and Rhett

Michelle said...

Amy & Nate - I LOVE the pictures of Ava and Kaden. The picture of Kaden with Ava's pic brought tears to my eyes. Our prayers continue for Ava's health and recovery, as well as to your whole family.

Michelle & Matthew