Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Eventful Weekend

Even with mommy sitting with Kaden, he still wasn't too sure about the whole idea.

We had a very eventful weekend. It started with Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Everything went good, and boy did we stuff ourselves. Friday was Thanksgiving dinner with Nate's family. Kaden had a blast playing with everybody. The Boeckman side definately has more kids to play with. Friday night was the Christmas parade here in town. We went with my parents, sister, nephew, and one of Nate's brothers and his two boys. It was fun but very cold so we didn't wait to take pictures with Santa there. Saturday my sister, nephew, mom, Kaden and I decided to go to the mall to see Santa. The day started off very "good." We were running later than we wanted. On the way my sister's car got a flat, so we called my dad and he came to change it. We had to stop by the police dept. because Nate took the SUV to work and it had the stroller in it. We decided to just switch vehicles because of "all" of the room in my sister's car. Well in the process of changing things over I some how managed to lock my keys in the car. I called Nate and he had one of the other cops working with him drive by with the keys to unlock the door for us. That was about the end of the "fun."

We get to the mall and lucky enough for us there was a small line. Kaden noticed Santa and kept pointing at him and staring. So I thought this whole picture thing was going to be a piece of cake. To my surprise, it definately was not. I took Kaden up to Santa and Santa reached for him. Kaden hung on to mommy for dear life...that's how I ended up in the picture. We took several pictures and decided on the one above, it was the only one that did not have him crying in it. It's funny though, when somebody asks him who he saw, he signs "Santa" and then he signs "cry" to let everyone know that he cried. He then waves "bye-bye" to let them know that he did say bye. He wants to read all the Santa books he has now, but when I ask him if we should go see Santa again, he shakes his head "no." Oh well, we might try again and see how things go. My plan is to keep talking Santa up as much as I can. Hopefully it works.

Kaden's has some new "tricks." Kaden is now saying "mama" and "uh-oh." I think I posted the "uh-oh" already, but he actually uses it as he should. It's very exciting for us. I can not remember if I posted earlier that he can now pull himself to a stand and walk holding on to furniture. He is growing so fast, and just in time to show his baby sister that he is a big boy!!!

Well, I plan on posting pictures from the parade. I have to get them from my sister first. I brought my camera, but unfortunately the battery was completely dead. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and an even better Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

Today Kaden and I put up our Christmas tree while daddy was at work. He put a few of the ornaments on himself, but my back starting hurting me from lifting him so I had him hand me the ornaments. He was a really big helper!!!

Kaden is now pulling himself up to a stand all by himself. He is very proud of himself. Who can blame him. He wants to walk everywhere (still with some assistance). We even made it up the stairs the other day on our way to school. I think that he will be walking all by himself pretty soon. The only problem we will probably have is that darn ventilator. It is way to heavy for him to bring along while he is walking. We will figure it out though, just like we have with everything else. Oh, he also can say "oh, oh." He is getting so big...and fast. Well, I am not sure if I will write an entry before Thanksgiving, so I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe turkey day!!! Take care.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Results Are In

I received a call today from one of the geneticists telling me that she had the results from the amino. They found that Ava has what is called Turner Syndrome. She believes this is the reason for the heart defect. I didn't learn too much at this time except that it only happens to girls and it is a missing X on the 46th chromosome. However, on one of her cells she is missing this X but on another of her cells she has an extra X, so it looks like this...45X and 47XXX. I honestly can tell you I have no idea exactly what this all means right now and probably will not fully understand it until we get a chance to talk to genetics. Ava should be able to function at each level normally, although she could have difficulty in math. She might not go through puberty and she most likely will be small in size. The average height for a girl with Turner Syndrome reaches 4'8". The doctors can start her on hormones to help with her growth. She could have some abnormalities in her features as well. I don't know at this point what all to expect. She did tell us that right now her heart is the big problem. It is really hard to explain everything, especially when I feel like I don't know anything. I will definitely update everyone once I find out more.

After I put Kaden to bed I will add a video of Kaden's new trick.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Kaden is getting ready to hit the town in search of

Here is Kaden showing off his monkey costume.

I think he has had enough of mom taking pictures.

Kaden is looking through all of the candy he collected.

We had a blast taking Kaden trick or treating. This was the first year Nate and I took him out. In the past we went over to grandpa and grandma's to help pass out candy, but this year we decided to let him have the full experience. The plan was to go out with my sister and nephew. However, those plans didn't quite work out since my nephew didn't get a nap and decided once we were out he did not want to trick or treat. So we borrowed my nephews candy bag since we didn't bring one for Kaden, we were not planning on collecting any candy since he won't eat it. We were thinking that Kaden going to the door and getting candy my entice my didn't. So my sister and Miles went home. Kaden enjoyed going to the first house so Nate and I decided to take him to a few more houses. Well, Kaden was having a blast and we ended up trick or treating the whole two hours. He was so cute. Nate and I would take a very excited, squealing Kaden to a door and he would get his bag from me and hold it open for the candy. After receiving the candy he would sign "thank you" and wave bye-bye. After a few houses he had his routine down and didn't need our reminders to say thank you or bye. He even started saying "thank you" all the way up to the doors.

There were a few home owners who wore the scary masks. The first one we went to, Kaden had big eyes and was just staring at him. Nate, the homeowner, and myself were laughing so I guess Kaden decided that it was funny too, and began to laugh himself. So the rest of them that he saw he thought were pretty hilarious. I even overheard one mom telling her little girl who was probably in the 4th grade or so that "that little baby is up there, you should be able to go up there." Kaden had a ton of admires, including a 4 year old little girl. She came up to Kaden and began to rub his cheek and hold his hand all the while telling him how cute he was. This lasted for about 3-5 minutes and then Kaden had enough and began to wave bye-bye to her. Nate and I were so excited that Kaden seemed to have a blast and can not wait to take him next year. He did so well and was excited throughout the whole thing. Our next tackle will be to try and get a picture with Santa Claus. That one is still a maybe, it is just during the sickest time of the year so we will see. Our luck, Kaden will probably be more scared of Santa Claus than he was of the scary masks.