Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ava got her chest tube in and she seems much more comfortable. She is sleeping peacefully and definitely not pulling so hard to breath. The doctor said that when they inserted the tubing they pulled out about 20cc and another 50cc came out...that is 70cc in less than one hour (more than 2 oz). She did not have to go on the vent (knock on wood). She is out, I think it is still from the sedation so every once in awhile she stops breathing for a second but starts breathing again on her own (some newborns do that anyway). I am so happy that she is feeling better. Her bottom is looking better now as well. We started putting critic-aide on it instead of the diaper-doo. It seems to be helping right now. Thank you all for the different ideas on diaper rash care. I will keep it in mind if this does not continue to work.

I hope you all have a wonderful night.

Oh I wanted to leave you with a dream I had last night. Nate called me and Kaden was just talking away. He was using a higher pitch than he normally uses but he was able to form words using this pitch. I know that pitch has nothing to do with it, but in my dream it did and I actually woke up thinking this would really help him (only for a second until I was really awake). It was a sweet dream...I can't remember what he was saying though, but boy, I wish I could.


Isabella said...

First off, I am so glad that Ava is feeling a little bit better. I just spoke with Micah and she said she came up to see you today. I am so glad she did not have to come back on the vent. Hopefully the chest tubes will get all the fluid off. Have they said why they think she has and keeps getting all the fluid?? Just curious.
About Your Dream:
I like to think that those dreams are a little glimpse of what is yet to come with our children. I have had about five different dreams about Isabella and what she will be like that were so powerful and real that I couldn't help but think it was God's little window. I have dreamt about her talking and walking.
Praying Always

Anonymous said...

It's just like how I've had the dreams of Kaden talking to me, and running all around the house, and that Ava was out of the hospital! I agree with Megan, It's just a glimpse of what is to come! It will all be happening sometime! :) I can't wait to hear little Kaden talking! ooh and the thought of Kaden playing golf....i can't help but smile! I hope things get better with Ava! I'll be giving you a call tomorrow night or Thursday morning about coming to visit! I can't wait to see you! Give Ava kisses for me! I'm ALWAYS praying for all of you! Love You!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Dream!!