Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two ????'s

I am sitting here at the hospital a little bored. Ava is sleeping and I am anxiously awaiting Nate and Kaden's arrival. So I decided to ask all of you two (totally non-related) questions.

#1-Does anybody watch The Newlyweds (or something like that). It is kind of like a couple "survivor", not that I watch Survivor. It comes on right after Oprah's Big Give. Well, if you do and you watched this last episode can somebody tell me who was voted off. I have been wondering. I watched part of it and for some reason didn't watch the very end so now it is kind of bugging me not knowing.

OK second question...

#2-Nate and I have been discussing the whole working situation. I am no longer a stay at home mom (oh for the last year or so), but with Ava we really feel I need to be. There is no way we would put her in to daycare and take the risk of her catching something. So we have been pondering the type of stay at home jobs. I really need to work. We are trying to save up enough money to build a house on a lot that we have, but unfortunately with all of the doctor bills (and boy there is A LOT) that will be absolutely impossible without a second income. Right now we are in a small apartment, that is going to be extra small when Ava comes home. My husband is a police officer and his schedule is really crazy so I think personally it is crazy for him to think about a second job. I thought about working part time when Nate gets home from work, but like I have said, his schedule is not very reliable on him being home at a certain time.

With Kaden it has been kind of easy. He has a nurse that is with him during the day while we are gone. Ava will most likely not get a nurse (which is a good thing, meaning she is "healthy" enough). I have thought about watching two or so newborns-toddlers, but then we run into problems there...what if they are sick, what if my kids are sick and/or at the hospital (which will happen when she has her next surgery). So that is where I at....any ideas that will allow me to stay at home but make enough money to help get rid of the bills (if that is even possible : )) and eventually allow us to build a home? Thanks in advance.


JanaO said...

The only things I can come up with for at home jobs are selling things. Pampered Chef, Creative memories,tastefully simple, and avon are the biggest ones I can think of. If I think of anymore I will let ya know! I also wanted to tell you that I am a dork and I yelled out to Nate as I was getting out of my car to remind him of the big battery!


Anonymous said...

I can't help you out with your first question but might be able to give you some possible suggestions with regards to your second question. Hospitals/clinics will frequently have their transciptionists work from home. I don't know if lawyer offices have that as an option or not. The other thought is to check with your local Job Services Office and see what type of positions they have openings for that allow you to work from home. It might give you some ideas of what's possible anyway.
Nathan and you do such a wonderful job with your special children. God knows what he is doing by placing Kaden and Ava in your caring hands. I hope you will all be able to be home soon.

You are in my prayers,
Pat (the other Amy Boeckman's Mom)

P.S. Another solution for diaper rash is equal portions of original pond's cold cream mixed with maalox or mylanta. Apply at each diaper change.

Pamela said...

answer to question #1 is that the couple who was sent home is the lady that never shut up the little short one but a little heavier set than the other two blonds and her husband that had the beard. They are the ones that I believe have been married the longest on that show.
As for qestion #2, you could possibly look into selling MaryKay or even Gold Canyon Candles. Another option would be to get with K-state school and see if their would be a job with them that you could possibly do at home. Also, check with the hospitals and see if their would be like transcripts or records that you could type up for them and you could do that from the comfort of your home.

Jessica said...

Both of these are legitimate work from home customer service jobs, all you have to have is a computer, a headset (you can buy one at Walmart for under $20) and a home phone. You sign up for hours with west at home, whenever it fits in your schedule, and with alpine you would generally have a schedule. You take incoming customer service calls for different things, sometimes sales, sometimes just customer service. I did it for awhile and I know several people who do it part time or full time and make a decent living at it. It would certainly be easy to work it in with Nate's schedule, and you wouldn't have to worry about kids or anyone else coming into the home and bringing germs etc.

Always in our thoughts and prayers, big hugs
Jess and Halle

lbainum said...

Steve and Dana Krashin left the show Sunday evening.
That was an easy question compared to your second one. I will certainly give it some thought.

Anonymous said...

The Krashins were voted out. I'm pretty sure that is their name, the couple that has been together for 13 years. The Freis (Barbie and Ken) did take the $30,000, can't say I blame them, and amazingly didn't get sent home. We love that show too.
I hope Ava turns around and excels by leaps and bounds for you.
Monica Becker

Anonymous said...

First I just want to say that I really enjoy reading your blog! I am scheduled for a c-section on Monday the 31st. Our little baby Cole has a diagnosis of spina bifida but until he is born we don't have all the answers about his function. We do know for sure that his legs move so for that we are thankful! So, we have been patiently waiting for his arrival! Your blog has been so encouraging because no matter what God has sent you, you are so positive and thankful for the blessings that come with being parents to Kaden and Ava. Very admirable!!!

I recently quit my job to stay home after the baby. We also have a 5 year old son, Carson. My husband was blessed with a new job that has compensated for the majority of my salary. We are thankful for that. However, on the side, I am a consultant for Heritage Makers which is a digital scrapbooking company! It is very rewarding and it is a great way to document the stories of our lives. Plus, what better way to organize all those baby pics!!

Check out my website:

Stephanie, Colorado

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for you. From reading your site I think I remember that you are a teacher. Try looking into being an Parent as Teachers educator.