Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where Do I Start???

I guess I will start off by saying that I did come home. My parents are staying with Ava, so I was able to come home and spend more time with Kaden and Nate. Today, Kaden, Nate, my sister, my nephew and I went to the city park for the Nickelodeon thing they had going on. Kaden met SpongeBob and handled it really well. He even gave SpongeBob a kiss. I do admit I felt really bad for him because he wanted to do everything that he saw the other kids doing, but with all his equipment he wasn't able to. Nate and I try very hard to let him lead a typical life, but somethings are just a little out of reach right now. They had one of those inflatable jumping things and to top it off it was Blue from Blue's Clues...Kaden really wanted to do it but there was just sooo many kids that it wasn't safe for him and the equipment. I might try renting one for his birthday so he can experience it.

I love being at home...there is nothing quite like it. However, I miss Ava to pieces. I got sick to my stomach today because the doctor called to tell me he wanted to put a chest tube on Ava's right side (oh yeah...she got a chest tube on her left side, again, I think on Wed. they were able to get about 130 cc's out from the start). They said that there is a little bit of fluid and that there is some air near her right lung. He wasn't sure how the air got there, but anyhow, it really concerns me. I guess she is doing pretty well. Leave it to my child to do something like this when I am never fails. I worried pretty much all day. It is hard to truly enjoy time at home when you have time to sit and worry. The good thing is that the doctor is doing what he thinks he needs to, to give her a fair chance to come off of the vent. He went back up some on her methadone so we won't have to worry about withdrawals, and then the chest tubes to get rid of the fluid. Hopefully that is all she needs to be able to come off. I have so much to say about the past few days but right now I really am not in the mood. I am excited though because I have tons of pictures to post!!!! Be prepared because I am not exaggerating when I say tons. Please keep Ava and Kaden in your prayers. I think Kaden is becoming a little more affected by mommy not being around.

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Melissa said...

Amy, do you have an email address that I could send you a message at....I don't see one listed on your page? I have something special for Kaden that I would love to chat with you about. My email address is