Friday, April 11, 2008


The doctor decided to take Ava off the vent this morning around 0800 hours. Ava was really struggling to breath and I was trying to calm her in hope she would stay off. It kills me to see her struggle like this. Around 0850 hours the doctor told me her gases were not good and I would have to leave so they can put the tube back down her throat. I am so against rushing kids to get them off the vent in return to just put them back. I understand you have to attempt, to find out, but there are times when I dont understand what a doctor is thinking. Ava had a rough day yesterday and that was on the vent. Her chest x-rays dont look any better and still are wet. For what I can remember everytime Ava's lungs are wet, she struggles with breathing. I dont understand why a doctor would go ahead and make that decision at my baby's expense. Ava struggles with breathing everytime her lungs are wet. I am a laid back guy and let the doctors do their thing but in my opinion the doctor ignored what Ava has told them in the past and made a bad decision, risking my daughters health. Yes I am a bit upset.

Ava's Daddy


Ashlea said...

I'm sorry this happened. There is nothing that any of us can say, but we are listening. Tell those doctors who the boss is... and that's little miss Ava!


P.S. Who is your social worker? Maybe you could voice some of your thoughts with her? Just a thought.

Tyler Patrick Breuer said...

Many prayers for the strength of your family and many more for baby Ava. Hold in there guys!

Heart hugs,
Kathleen Breuer

The Bryant Family said...

you have every right to be upset....dont kick yourself too much. I guarantee next time they want to do something like that you will tell them NO. Just because they are doctors doesnt mean they know best for your do. You are with her and know if she is having a bad or good day, whether you think she can tolerate something or be OK without or with something additional.
I am glad to see your post....I always read Amy's and was glad to see "ava's daddy" post today. Have a nice weekend with Ava.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
I am so sad to hear that the vent had to be put on baby Ava. I agree, what were they thinking? I am amazed constantly how strong your baby girl is. I will be praying for her to overcome this obstacle too. Here for you always,

Kristy Eickholt

Gabi's Mommy said...

I am so sorry to hear that this is what happened! It is so frustrating when they say they do not want to rysh to do something that we cannot wait for, but then they try and then it typically 2 steps back. Speak up of you are uncomfortable with what they are attempting, afterall, you are her parents and YOU know what is best for your baby!
We are always thinking of you and saying lots of prayers. You guys know how it goes more than anyone, stay strong and know that Ava is their fighting her way through it all!
Love and Prayers