Sunday, April 6, 2008

Waiting Game...AGAIN

First of all, Ava's heart function looked good!!! That is good news. However, Ava is still on the vent. They said maybe tomorrow...but the key word is maybe. I am not a big fan of that word. I just want her off of the vent so bad. I feel awful for her. She just seems so uncomfortable and I think she wants to be held as much as I want hold her. She is still pretty puffy from all the fluid and not a happy camper. She is either sleeping or up and fussy. My poor baby girl.

On a different note, I haven't posted Kaden's new trick. He can take a few steps without holding on to anything. He gets it down the first time we have him do it, but then he starts getting nervous or something and just lunges for either Nate or I. But each initial time we have him do it...he does. He is becoming such a big boy!!! I am so proud of the determination in this little guy. He doesn't let anything hold him back. He is also into name calling. I don't know if that is something to be proud of but it is cute all the same. He calls his daddy "cry baby daddy" (using sign of course) when he beats daddy up. He is such a funny little guy. I need to start video taping all the things he does because he is growing up so fast. If I learn how to post video, "maybe" I will post it on here. Anyway, please continue to keep Ava in your prayers.

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Pam said...

Being patient while Rhett is on the vent is one of the things that I am not good at at all.

All I want is to hold him and love him. I know how you feel.

We are thinking of you guys, and always, always, keeping you in our prayers.


Pam and Rhett