Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ava is doing well. She received her g-tube, however they put just a tube in (different then with Kaden) and in 6-8 weeks they will switch it to a mickey button. She is on the vent still (as predicted). It makes me sad to know that she will be on it for a little while, especially after having the morning that she did. Almost everyone who saw her this morning said something about how alert and good she looked.

Kaden and Nate will be down tonight, but they will be leaving later than usual. I can not wait to see them. I found out today that Kaden has class pictures next cute is that. I am so excited to start the collection of class pictures (like my parents did with us). I just hope that he looks at the camera and keeps his hands off of his face. I have noticed lately that he doesn't like to smile for the camera like he use to. I either get a stare or both of his hands are on his face. When we tell him to say cheese...he use to sign "cheese" and after telling him that he needs to smile, he started putting his hands to his mouth. I don't know what to think, maybe I took too many pictures of him in the past : ).


Anonymous said...


I am so glad that Ava is doing so well. I stay updated often even though I don't blog. I think CJ had that same tube ( a long rubber thing) if so make sure you burp her alot because it lets in alot of air because it can't be primed. I also wanted to tell you about an awesome web page I found for parents with children that have special needs. I have found it very helpful and we are going to do some different stuff (we'll talk later and update) anyways the address is Stay strong and always know that we are praying reeeeaaaallllyyyyy hard.


Gabi's Mommy said...

Great running into you today! And I am so glad to hear Ava continues to do well.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be Ava as well as your entire family!

Love and Hugs:)

Ashlea said...

Well, I'm glad the surgery is over, and now she has nothing stopping her! Hopefully Kaden will sit still and smile for the camera. Whatever it looks like, you kow you have to post it anyway. :)

I added your link to our pages, and you are welcome to do the same.

Thinking about you guys.


The Bryant Family said...

So glad all is going well. We had that messy ol tube before the mickey button. What a mess. Much nicer than the NG that tears up the face though. The mickey is great! We seem to be getting ones that cannot stay inflated lately though.
How exciting about pictures. Kaden will do fine. Hang in there. Hugs to you--

Isabella said...

I am glad the surgery went well. I know it must be hard to see her back on the vent. I pray that she recovers quickly and gets back in your arms as soon as possible.
Love and Prayers

Anonymous said...

I whish you well and,hop for my great nice to pull though all the
surgry Just keep your faith strong
for you and yor child.

adrianna york said...

Hi little Ava my name is Kim Stowe I am one of Megans friend I just wanted to let your mommy and daddy know that you are in my thoughts a prayers. I wish the best for you all.
From Kim Stowe