Sunday, April 13, 2008

Loving On Ava

Today I was fortunate enough to hold Ava a couple of times (of course on a pillow since she is still intubated). When I came in today the nurse had Ava dressed all in pink. Ava was wide awake staring at her mobile. She loves this mobile (it is one the hospital let her borrow). She is just so darn cute. She has been staying awake more throughout the day. When I cleaned around her mouth with this green sponge thing she just smiled and smiled. She enjoys getting her mouth cleaned. I think it feels good to her to have some liquid in her mouth. I can't wait for Nate to be able to see her smile. I don't think he has had the chance to see her beautiful smile.

The bacteria that grew from her line also grew back in the blood they drew by sticking her (so they have two different sources with the same outcome which makes it confirmed). I can not remember what they called the type of bacteria that grew back but the nurse said that she is pretty sure it is some form of staph. Ava's temp has been up and down all week, but they have her on antibiotics. Hopefully they caught it soon enough and that it will be taken care of fast. Kaden had staph more than a couple of times when he was here and I know from experience how much it can set a baby back.

So, I don't think I am going to be able to go home anytime soon. Nate can not take off of work and I do not want to leave Ava up here by herself. I think I just need to suck it up. It just gets really hard being up here all of the time. Saturday SpongeBob and Strawberry Shortcake are going to be at the city park back at home so Nate is thinking about bringing Kaden to see them. I think he will have a blast. He is just now really getting in to SpongeBob (ok, I don't know if that is two seperate words or not). I wish I could be there to see his reaction but I think I will send the video camera home with Nate so he can tape it for me.

I really need to post recent pictures, I just don't have the right cord to do it.


The Bryant Family said...

OK, so how about if I come and sit with Ava while you go and join your family at the park? I have been there , day after day at the hospital. You do go crazy after a while. I will try to touch base with you at the hospital.

Brandi said...

Hi there,

You don't know me, but I found your blog when I was doing a search for information. I have been reading for a while, and my heart goes out to you. I will say extra prayers for Ava that she will get over this infection soon, and be able to get stronger everyday. You are a great mom!

Isabella said...

I am so happy you got to hold her. I bet she has the most precious smile ever. I can't wait to see pictures. And you should take Karen up on her offer. If I was closer I would come and sit with Ava. I know it is hard. You need to get out!! We are Praying for Ava to get over the infection and to just get stronger so she may go home soon.