Monday, April 21, 2008

To Do List...

Ava is going to have quite the busy day today. After getting a suggestion about what could be going on with Ava from another mom who's baby also has a hypoplastic heart, I talked to the doctor and questioned him about it. So today they are going to do an ultra-sound to look at the function of her diaphragm. I didn't realized that a heart baby's diaphragm could get knicked or something and cause it to be paralyzed. So, although she was off of the vent for a little while, she is having some of the same signs as this little boy. I guess that with a paralyzed diaphragm your lungs will retain some fluid which would make sense with Ava's left side. Maybe her left side of the diaphragm got knicked and that is what is causing her fluid build up....just a thought.

She is also scheduled for another ECO on her heart. They want to rule out any reason she is unable to come off of the vent due to her heart. She is also getting a dye study done on her PICC line (kind of like an IV). They have been having a lot of trouble drawing blood from it, so from there they will decide if they need to just take the old one out (she has had it since 2-1) and put a new one in. So as you can see little Miss Ava will have a long day, but in a way I am glad they are doing all of might give us some answers we need.

Other than that, Ava has been doing alright. She was so sleepy yesterday, pretty much slept ALL day. I would rather her be sleepy than fussy...she seems more comfortable. I just hope that she is tired because of just that, and that it is not anything alarming. Thank you all for your prayers...please keep them coming!!!

By the way...
Congratulations to my cousin Tabitha and her husband Gary. I just found out that they are having twins!!! Good luck with everything. (I guess you kind of get stuck in your own world when you are at the hospital and everybody else keeps living their lives b/c this is the first time I heard anything about it!) : ) Sorry for the delayed congrats.


adrianna york said...

To little Ava and her family I wish the best for you guys and I just wanted to say that you all are in my thoughts and prayers. Little Ava you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know God will take care of you.
From Adrianna and her mommy Kim

adrianna york said...

I wish the best to you little Ava and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers
From Adrianna and her mommy Kim

The Bryant Family said...

well, i left a comment a few minutes ago but dont know if it took. I am thinking of you and hope it is as simple as the nicked diaphram. Little extra prayers for you and Ava today as she goes through everything. Hugs--karen

Isabella said...

Sounds like a very busy day for Miss Ava. I pray that they figure out what the problem is. It is very frustrating when they don't know. Keep on them though to come up with a solution. With Bella the intesivist kept saying her problem was her heart and then cardiology kept saying it was something respiratory. They fought like this most of last year until they finally determined it was a combo. They put her on Viagra and she got better. Her pulmonary vessels were not big enough to compensate for the leaking valve in her heart. So see sometimes it can be a "simple" (not the make light of the word simple!!) answer it just may take awhile for them to figure out what the answer may be. Anyways enough of my rambeling. I am hoping to see you next Monday. Will you be back from your weekend home?? I have some stuff for you so if not, I may just leave it for you at the front desk in the PICU. I have a new cell number, so I will text you my number sometime before then so if you are at the hospital we can meet up.
Love and Prayers Always

Tyler Patrick Breuer said...

Thinking and praying about you all today and always.