Friday, April 11, 2008


One of Ava's blood cultures came back positive with bacteria. It takes a whole 72 hours to actually know what it is though. So that could explain the high temps. Poor baby girl. That is one thing we have learned being here with Kaden and now her...if it's not one thing it's another. It just gets so frustrating and all I want is to take a "healthy" Ava home. As each day passes the more I worry about not getting to go home anytime soon. I could not imagine staying here for another month or so. I have more to post, but Nate and Kaden are getting anxious to leave and go back to the RMHouse. I will try to post later.

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Tyler Patrick Breuer said...

It's Sunday April 13th at 3:50pm... is Ava's bacterial culture defined yet? I hope it is something very common, like maybe a nurse didn't clean the site well before drawing blood on the central line. Please update when you can about this infection. How's her fever? Still praying!