Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Surgery Day

Ava just left for surgery a few moments ago. She looked so good this morning. She was very awake and alert. I came in this morning and she woke up shortly after so I picked her up. She was just smiling away today. I tried again to capture it on my phone so I could send a picture to daddy and I think I got part of a smile. She was trying to coo and was just very alert. I am glad that she is feeling so well this morning (it kind of makes me sad though to put her through another surgery). I really think that she will come back up with a ventilator and will probably be on it for a few days, who knows for sure though. My babies seem to never fail to amaze me.

I am kind of nervous, I have never been by myself waiting for one of my little ones to come out of surgery (although daddy and Kaden will be here tonight). I have no one to keep me busy, so my thoughts are kind of going right now. I am excited though...this is just one step closer to getting home. I will keep everyone updated.

My grandma is having surgery tomorrow as well. Please keep her in your prayers as well. I love you grandma and will be thinking about you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy! I'm sitting at work right now thinking of you and Ava!! I wish I could be there with you today! But you are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers! I hope everything goes well and Ava recovers quickly!!! Let me know if you need anything! Love you!

Amy said...

Even though I'm not there, I am trying to be in spirit. You should have called, Syd and I could have come down to sit with you. I can't imagine being alone while waiting. I can't even do it while they put the tubes in Madison's ears. Makes me too nervous. Anyway we are there in spirit. I am glad that Ava was having a good morning, too bad they had to spoil it. But hey maybe she'll come out of surgery still in a really good mood and having a good day. That would only help her.
We will be down on Friday morning, Syd has a little cold now today, but I am starting her inhalers and meds and since she can't see Ava, I think she will be okay by then so come down.
Know that we are thinking about you and praying for Ava this morning as every morning.
Tell Nate and Kaden hello for us and we will see them on Friday.

Isabella said...

We are praying!!
Love and Prayers