Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I figured out how to make slide shows finally. I used pictures that my grandparents sent me from about two weekends ago. These pictures are of Kaden at grandpa and grandma's house showing my grandparents how he can stand on his own and take a few steps. However, it looks like most of them are of him grabbing on to somebody. He is so silly, he will do it the first time you ask and then after that he gets kind of nervous. One day I am sure we will be chasing him around while he is getting into things that he is not suppose to be in. I am so excited that I figured this out, now all I need to figure out is how to add music to it. Right now I have the music that goes with the blog itself, so I guess that is good enough.

Ava is doing well. She is still hanging out on the vent and not too much has changed. Nate and Kaden are coming down tonight!!! Kaden will actually get to stay an extra day because my parents are coming down Saturday, so he will just go back with them then.


The Bryant Family said...

I havent figured out how to do slide shows yet myself. You did a good job.
WAY TO GO KADEN!! We are doing the same kind of things with Tucker. He is so excited to walk, he can take a few steps then falls down. But gets right back up. I hope by Sept (3rd birthday) he will be walking....maybe. He takes about 5-10 now but the last ones are lunges to whatever it is he is trying to reach.

Isabella said...

Way to go Kaden!! I loved the slide show. He is such a big boy!! I really do beleive he will be into everything before you know it. Glad everything is calm right now with Ava.
Love and Prayers

Heather said...

Beautiful slide show and beautiful song. Well done Kaden We pray that Ava grows stronger each day.

Zoey and her family

Gabi's Mommy said...

Great job on the slide show, I haven't conquered that one yet on here...I have some other sites though, but I am impressed!

You 2 must be soooooooo proud of Big Man Kaden! Before you know it you will have both your babies at home, chasing them both around:)

Thinking of you always!
Love and Prayers and a big ol' HUG:)

Ashlea said...

Those are very cute pictures... I don't think I'll even try a slide show. My technical abilities are somewhat limited. :) He'll just do better and better. Glad to hear things are staying stable with Ava. We're thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

That is good news. Kaden you are getting to be such a big boy.
I am praying for Ava, and you let those Dr's know what you are thinking.
Hugs and kisses...