Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just Hanging Out

We are still waiting to hear when Ava's surgery for the G-tube will be. It is suppose to be this week sometime, but we have yet to hear the exact date. I am kind of frustrated, I haven't talked to a doctor since Friday (maybe Saturday). I am trying not to get impatient because I have noticed that it is really busy around here.

Today Ava had music therapy for the first time and seemed to really enjoy it. The therapist was singing and playing a guitar. Ava was just looking at her, definitely paying attention. It was too cute.

I really do not have much to report right now. Ava is just kind of hanging out. I haven't heard much of anything new...so when I do I will let you all know. My hopes are for Ava to get her G-tube this week and for her to recover quickly and successful so we can go home soon.

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Ashlea said...

Just checking in on you. We are thinking about you guys a lot, and praying that things continue to get better. I am editing Caden's page and my page and I would like to put a link to your page if that's ok. I'll wait to do it, I know you have enough going on. We're thinking about you.