Friday, April 18, 2008

Mr. Genius

Last night Nate and Kaden left due to Nate's work schedule. He had to go in to work this morning...anyhow I wanted to post this yesterday but with the stress of the day it got left out.

Yesterday, my genius of a son amazed me again. Here in Ava's room child life brought some toys for Kaden to play with awhile back, his favorite being a Winnie the Pooh laptop type thing. He loves to play with it...he signs that he wants to see "the baby" and gets here and wants his toy. Well, yesterday he was just spelling away and curiosity set in and I asked if he could spell elephant...he did (minus the "a"). I was so proud of him and after telling him once where the "a" goes he got it right every time afterwards. So he ended up taking it downstairs to the cafeteria with him. There was a mother from the RMH there and she came up and started talking to Kaden. Kaden then began to show off. He automatically started spelling words for her and then signing what he was spelling. I then told him to spell elephant for her and he did and continued by spelling cow, moo, dog, cat. She asked him if he could spell school (by the way he can) and he shook his head no and continued by spelling book, apple. She asked again and he shook his head no again, so I asked him and he shook his head no. He then went on to spell hi (then waved his hand) and then spelled bye (and waved his hand again). She asked him again to spell school, so....he spelt "NO" and shook his head no. Nate, the mother and I just started cracking up. It was hilarious. Just another way to prove this guy knows what is going on. He also went on to spell hi and bye on the elevator to people that were on it with us. What a smart guy!!!

Well, on the down side last night my night started going down hill when Nate, Kaden and I were coming back up to Ava's room before they left last night. While we were waiting for an elevator there was a girl who was about 8 waiting with her mother (with an IV pole, so probably an inpatient). Kaden, being the sweet natured boy that he is, got excited and waved hi to the little girl. The little girl acted as though she was scared of him and hid behind her mom. Her mom told her to come out from behind her and explained to the little girl that the tube was to help "the little boy" breathe. Well, I guess since the little girl didn't wave back, Kaden waved again, which in turn the little girl hid behind her mom again. The mom went on to tell her to come back out and the little girl said, "Not until that boy leaves." We ended up sharing an elevator with them and Kaden then kept to himself (I tried to distract him from the little girl's behavior), but he did wave bye-bye to them as we got off. It broke my heart. Here we have the sweetest little boy saying hi and something like this happens. I know he notices stares (which he now waves to EVERYBODY) and I think he knows that he has something most other kids don' he feels about it I don't know. It breaks my heart that people can not be more excepting, especially knowing that anybody would be lucky to know this little boy. I am so proud of Kaden and feel extremely lucky to have him in my life. He is the most lovable little boy and Nate and I wouldn't trade him for anything.


Anonymous said...

This little girl may have just been scared because she did not understand Kaden's situtation. When he was in the hospital I was scared to even touch him for fear that I would make him sick from germs.(I'm sure this sounds dumb, but I didn't want to take any chances of making him worse) She may not have known what to say or why he was hooked up to the trach and couldn't talk. If given enough time she would have loved him just like the rest of us. How could you not love him!
If Kaden continues to be nice to others they will soon warm up to him. Our attitudes with others reflect back on us!

Jessica Ellerman

JanaO said...

Amy I know exactly how you feel about the looks and people not accepting others who have special needs. I see it all the time when I am out and about and I really just want to smack the people off side the head. Not everyone can see how special a child is no matter what. I think it is wonderful that Kaden has come so far and I am very impressed with his abilities. You and Nate are great parents and I think that maybe that is why you were blessed with another special little one. Just try to remember that there are those of us out there that do understand and accept others no matter what. My mom always told me you have to be pretty on the inside to be pretty on the outside.

Jana O.

Pam said...

Oh Amy, I am so proud of Kaden!! What a Mr. Smarty pants!! It's because he has such a great mommy and daddy that love him so much. You know that right?

I get sick of the looks too, and all we have is a feeding tube and oxygen. The worst is when the adults look at Rhett like he was yesterday's filthy slimy trash. I HATE that.

I can have a little more understanding for the kids staring, but the adults really bother me.

I hope Ava is doing well, and that she is off of the vent soon for good.

Hang in there. We are always thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.


Pam and Rhett

Amber Burns, Jaxon's mom said...

Hello, I haven't posted before but I have read your journal alot after seeing a link on Bella's page. My son was in PICU and now we are on the 4th floor. I read this journal entry and just had to tell you how touched I was to see you and your family in the PICU lobby one day. Your son was doing some signing. I was so impressed as we are trying to teach my son signing due to hearing loss from chemo and now speech problems from an esophageal tear. Please know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless~

Anonymous said...

Kaden is doing so good. He is just a little smarty pants with all his signing and spelling. He definately will let you know though if you ask him something and he does not want to do it. This I have found out first hand, and when he wants to read, you sit and read with him, he is such a wonderful little boy and you and Nathan should be very proud of him. It is because of you that he is a loving, caring and wonderful little fellow. As for other little kids looking at him differently, yes it is a little heartbreaking, because they do not always understand until you explain it to them. It is when the adults act like idiots and continue to stare, you would think they would understand, but kids seem to accept things better.
I hope Ava is doing well and hanging in their like the little fighter she is. God bless Ava and Kaden's wonderful parents.
Hugs and kisses to all and we are always thinking of you.

Pamela and Megan