Sunday, May 4, 2008

Breathing On Her Own Still...

Before being extubated. Ava has found her fingers...evidently they are yummy.
Too cool.
"Duh, mom."

Ava is still of of the vent. However, she does require some liter flow. Right now she is only on 3/4 of a liter and 100% oxygen and maintains her sats alright. She is begining to breathe a little harder, but I think it is due to the fluid that continues to surround her lungs. It just seems like we can never get her lungs dry enough. I wish they could come up with something that will help...maybe a little magic!!!

So, I put this little wind chime type toy up for her and she is starting to figure out that she needs to hit it to make cute. I got it on video, I just still can not figure out how to post it. BUT...I did, finally, get the cord that hooks the camera up to the computer to download the pictures. I will now be able to post pictures more frequently. Knowing me, probably every post. I think pictures are so fun!!! Hope you enjoy!!!


Tyler Patrick Breuer said...

So glad to hear she's extubated! I hope she's strong enough to prove herself to the doctors and nursing staff. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! It was so, so nice to meet you in person. You are the greatest Mom; so loving and caring for both Kaden and Ava. We're still here, don't know when we'll get to come home. I'll try to come down in a little bit to chat. Prayers continue to pour out from my family and friends!

Isabella said...

We are still praying!! I pray that she stays off of the vent and recovers quickly so you can get home!! I am excited to see lots of pics.
Love and Prayers Always

Anonymous said...

I'm SO excited for Ava! She's so amazing and i continue to pray for her strength! I'm so excited to see LOTS and LOTS of pictures!!! I hope all is going well with you, Nate and Kaden!! Love you so much! I'll be back down soon! :)

Ashlea said...

That is wonderful news! Things are going in the right direction, and we are praying that they continue that way. I hope you have a great week.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear she has not had to get a trac. You keep fighting and getting stronger Ava. We pray everyday that she keeps getting stronger and healthier. This is good news, keep breathing, just wish they could find out something about the fluid around the lungs.
Kaden is such a big boy and look at him type. He types better than some of the folks here. Hey maybe he could work at the prisons and type for the inmates, god knows they do not know how to.
Anyway love the pics, they are both so CUTE. Looking forward to more.
Continuing to pray for you all and Ava keep fighting.

crackerjacksMO said...

Go Ava, Go Ava!! She's looks great! Kaden is so silly!

The Bryant Family said...

WAY TO GO AVA!!! Hang in there.

Gabi's Mommy said...

I had a feeling Ava was one of those girls that likes to do things at her own pace. So glad to hear prayers are being answered. We will continue to pray for her recovery and strength. Great pics by the way:)

Still no Kinsley, but we are definitely getting closer:)

Love and Prayers!!!