Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Mommy and daddy posing with our Mickey Mouse. (Halloween night)

Daddy walking with Kaden after getting more candy. (Halloween night)

Kaden enjoying a laffy taffy. (Boo in the Zoo)

Kaden at his Halloween party. (At school)

Kaden trying on cousin Miles' Hulk mask. (Boo in the Zoo)

Aunt Melanie and The Hulk (aka Miles). (Boo in the Zoo)

Daddy trying to convience Kaden that the clown they see is a good clown. Kaden wasn't too sure about him. The clown had to disapear to get Kaden to keep walking. He must not have been as cute as daddy when daddy was wearing a clown mask not too long ago!!! (Boo in the zoo)


The Rice Family said...

What a very handsom Micky Mouse Kaden makes. He is just growing up so fast. I can't beleive how tall he is getting. That is so great that he was trying the laffy taffy, did he like it? Oh and by the way this question is for Nate. What the heck is that stuff on your face? lol.

My Three Sons said...

What a very cute Mickey Mouse!! I'm glad to see you guys had such a great time.

I just love the pic of you and your precious belly. I love it.

Oh and we just missed each other. I just posted that I'm home and I saw you just left me a message. But YEAH.....Carson was awesome and we got to come home early. I'm so glad. Everyone told me to just let the nurses do everything and try to get some rest so I can be ready for the time at home. Yeah right. I didn't get much sleep at all since his surgery was way late and we didn't even get upstairs to our room until 10:00. The charge nurse came in at midnight to go over the rules with us. Anyways, it feels so good to be back home and love on him without the distractions. We were actually in 2Henson. It is the burn unit I believe.

Anyways, I wanted you to know we were home and I'm actually going to e-mail you a queston on your yahoo account.

Take care and give Kaden a big hug and kiss from me.

Regan said...

Love the pictures! Kaden is so handsome and he made a great Mickey Mouse.

What a cute belly! I can't believe you'll be having that baby in a couple of months. Time is flying by!

And what was Cristen's costume supposed to be?

CrackerJacks said...

Very cute photos of Kaden. Glad he had such a great time.

BiLlY, sAm, AnD bOyS!!! said...

I love little mickey mouse! and the prego belly! too cute!

Owain's mommy said...

I love Kaden's costume! He is so cute!


Carey said...

Looks like he had fun. We passed on boo at the zoo, we tried one year and just about shot someone ... too many people for us!!! it's a mad house!!!

i'm glad you were in a picture, you're getting so big, and you look great pregnant!

Caden said...

Awww! He's soooo cute! He looked like he really enjoyed himself! You look good too! Starting to pop out, in a good way! :) I'll post pictures soon. Only a couple more months to go, so I better get on it! YAY!!!

Rachel said...

Love his costume and you look absolutely adorable pregnant!

Cant wait to see that new little guy.


Anna said...

Kaden is so cute! Love his face in the "clown" shot. "Not so sure about him, Dad."

Love your baby bump...lemme guess, you were a preggo lady for Halloween :o)

Your husband reminds me of Rodney Atkins. I think it is the cap plus the "rough" manly facial hair...haha.

Amanda-The Family News! said...

How absolutly adorable!! The best Mickey Mouse I have ever seen!!!! I am glad you all had a great time!!!

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

So cute... I am glad that Kaden had a good time! Oh, mama's baby bump is pretty darn cute! How much longer before little Brody makes his appearance?

Rachel said...

Just wanted to let you know that I got that old man mask at the Halloween Store in Independence on Noland Road. It use to be an Old Navy Store. It is by the price chopper combo.

Anyway~just wanted to let you know.

Thanks for keeping my Mother In Law in your prayers. She is home now. Has received her first round of Chemo and is not feeling well. She also has to give herself shots twice a day of Coumidan (sp?) blood thinner for the clots in her leg. Thanks for your prayers!


sonnysgurl89 said...

hey there cuz just saying that kaden looks so cute as a mouse..... i love the pix so adorable... love yall very much:D:D:D:D:D:D

My Three Sons said...

First off, I LOVE your blog background. Great minds think alike. Second off, I'm glad it's not me. The template showed the green on the top and bottom and I tried several times to get that part in there. But I love the fall colors.

Hope you all are doing good.


Regan said...

I would love to send Aric to a small in home day care rather than a huge "commercial" place. I realize I can't protect him forever, but I don't want him stuck in a crib and ignored all day. The only down side is sending him to a stranger's house.

If you are planning on doing day care I would love to send Aric to your house. (I know we haven't met, but I don't feel like you are a stranger.) I'm looking into places and asking other people for recommendations, but I am overwhelmed and don't really know where to begin. (It also doesn't help hearing "horror" stories at work and on the news at night.) Just let me know what you end up deciding- and if it's not going to work out no problem. I know how taxing the end of pregnancy and a newborn can be.

Speaking of which- How are you doing? How is the baby?

Anonymous said...

I loved the Mickey Mouse costume, he looks so cute. He is growing up so fast. Though he was quite the scarry hulk-mickey.
Sometimes clowns can be scarry but that is good to know that he is still shying away from strangers. You look good with your belly.
Hold off on the Christmast tree until after Thanksgiving.
Wonderful news about Kaden winning the bed set, have you picked anything out yet??
Sending hugs and kisses, love always.
Aunt Pamela