Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a day...

So, today started off like any normal day would. However, it soon changed. I had one of my younger client's this afternoon. We decided that we were going to paint, so I got out the supplies and began to squeeze paint from tubes/bottles into a "paint tray." Things didn't turn out so well. I started squeezing red paint, yes RED paint onto the tray, oh I want to add this is not WASHABLE paint. Next thing I know the stupid things top popped off (a top that is NOT suppose to pop off) and I had red paint ALL OVER ME. I was wearing my favorite maternity sweater and one of the few pairs of jeans that fit me that I actually like. Oh and my shoes, my poor shoes. Lets just put it this new favorite outfit quickly turned into my red spotted outfit. I did have a shirt on under my sweater, so I took my sweater off and tried to wash it out in the bathroom sink. It didn't work too well so I sent it to my mom's so I could continue working in hopes that she can work some magic. I was SO frustrated that I was trying hard not to cry (something that comes pretty natural when I am frustrated).

Once I got home it got better...of course, Kaden lives here. Nate and I decided to play hide and seek with Kaden. I believe this is his first true game of it. He had a ball and kept signing "more." I had to finally explain to him that it was bedtime and that we could play more tomorrow. He was so funny, he definitely couldn't stay quiet in his hiding spot. At one point Nate hid him in his "babies" (aka stuffed animals) toy box (yes he has three toy boxes). I saw him swinging his arms and looked in another one of his toy boxes saying aloud "Kaden are you in the toy box?" He signed "baby", like "no mom, I am in the baby box." It was pretty cute, but probably something you had to be here for.

So tomorrow we will be saying bye-bye to "gray." This is Kaden's lightwriter, yes HE has a name and gender : ). To let everyone know, because we have gotten some questions about it, we have decided to look at more options to be sure there isn't anything that would better benefit Kaden before we decided to purchase something. He is going to be sad though. I tried explaining to him that a "girl" is coming to our house to get "gray" but that she will leave him something else to see if he likes that instead. I told him that we will end up buying him what works. He started shaking his head "no" and signing "girl" over and over. I felt horrible. I again explained it to him tonight and he had a look of concern on his face. I am worried about tomorrow, but hope that we see something that may work even better that he will be happy to use.


Caden said...

That stinks about the paint! Especially when you have a limited wardrobe! Hopefully Kaden will be able to adjust to a new device quickly, he might even like it better. :)

The Bryant Family said...

I hope Kaden does ok with Gray leaving. Maybe the girl will bring something like Gray but more advanced and cooler. I know change is hard especially on our little ones, he will do great.
I hope mom gets the red paint out.

My Three Sons said...

If I was you, I would get on line and google the manufacturer and see if they have suggestions on removing the stain. I had a stain one time with some color at work and googled it and wow, it really did work. Hope you can get it out. I know how that is when you have your favorites.

I hope you get something even more exciting for Kaden. Your right, with all of the new equipment, there might be something even better for him. How much do one of those things cost anyways?

My Three Sons said...

Okay, Carson pushed send before I could tell you to have a wonderful weekend.

Now he wants to tell Kaden hello,

He is really full of energy and I'm thinking I will take him to the sitters so I can have a break. :-)

Anonymous said...

Amy, what do you do for a living? My guess is an OT since you were working with painting.