Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sorry Kaden...

Mommy is done picking up Kaden until after Brody is born. I feel horrible about it, but it was confirmed yesterday by my doctor that I do have an umbilical hernia. GO FIGURE!!! I really think it was from picking up my big boy. One day I was picking him up to put him in his booster seat and I got a horrible pain near my belly button. I think I even told who was ever with me at the time, that I think I just gave myself a hernia, joking around. Well, for a couple of days I had really sharp random pains near it. I ended up calling my doctor's nurse who believed it was just pains from pregnancy. Well, a few days later I noticed a semi-large lump next to my belly button. Nate seemed about as grossed out as if I were showing him guts coming out of my nose or something. I started wondering what it could be and decided that it was probably a hernia. It is painful, not a sharp pain, but an annoying pain that won't go away. When the doctor was checking it out, I thought I was going to pass hurt so bad, but he did say that it was a hernia. There is nothing we really can do for it now as long as it doesn't pose any danger, since I am pregnant. I just pray that it doesn't do anything that will end up with me needing surgery right now. That is the last thing I need.

So, that leads me to my story today. I don't know what was going on with Kaden, but he was not my happy, go lucky Kaden today. I came home from work to bring him to school. He did not want to go to school, and had a major melt-down (for Kaden).
After making our way outside to the car, he started crying and went limp, then sat on the ground (I think it is because he wanted mommy to pick him up and carry him to the car and I wouldn't). I finally picked him up (yeah, I know, I already heard it from Nate) to put him in his booster seat. He was quiet and looked so sad all the way to school, it broke my heart. Well, we get to school, I get him out of the car and he does it again. He kept shaking his head "no" and signing "school" although he couldn't tell me why. We get into the classroom and he doesn't want to sit at the table, but instead turns into me puts his head on my shoulder and crys. As I talked to him, he kept signing that he wanted to go home with me, or that he wanted me to stay with him at school. It was so hard for me when I left...I had to fight back the tears. I have no idea what brought this on, as this is not my Kaden at all. His nurse and I were talking about it and were wondering if he feels heartbroken that I won't carry him around (as he gets into those moods). I have explained to him that mommy has an owie on her belly and I can not pick him up anymore. However, I do not think that helped at all, especially after going through what we did today. I try to make him think positive by explaining to him that he gets to be a big boy, well, today during his meltdown I asked him "Kaden, don't you want to be a big boy." He shook his head "no." Poor guy. I guess I'll have some making up to do after Brody is born.

Tomorrow I go to the specialist one last time just to make sure that everything is still going well. I am excited that I get to see Brody again. I am very curious as to how big he is right now. I think he is going to be a big baby boy like his brother was. I will let you know tomorrow. If I get more sono pictures I will be posting them!!!


My Three Sons said...

Well it certainly isn't uncommon for big siblings to have those kind of melt downs. When I had Cody, Coltan would try sometimes to fight for his attention and do baby things. It doesn't help mommy out emotionally either. Hang in there. All you can do is be consistant and show Kaden how much you love him.

Poor little guy. I hate hearing he had a bad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Amanda-The Family News! said...

OH I hope all is ok. I don't know that I have heard of this before... Poor Kaden - I am sure it will be hard for him for a while! Such a sweet boy!!!

The Rice Family said...

It is so hard to leave them when they are so upset.
I got to thinking though about him not wanting to leave or you to leave him that he did get his flu shot yesterday and that maybe he is still having some anxiety about having to get a shot and then mommy having to go to the doctor and having an owy (spelling?) when you get home and can't pick him up all of a sudden, it might have been kinda overwhelming for him with so much at one time.
CJ gets into moods when to much happens at once. He has pre-op tommorrow so we'll see how that goes it's been awhile since he has had a shot but if I remeber right I suspect that he will be very clingy.
Hopefully he will be back to his happy self tommorrow. I suppose we're all entitled to a bad day once in awhile.

Caden said...

That's so sad about Kaden. I can't believe that happened! I bet it hurts! Have fun looking at your new little man at the sono. Hopefully you'll get a good profile shot! I'll be checking back for pictures!!!

:) Ashlea

Rachel said...

I am so sorry to hear that you had that happen. Kaden will be fine. You know at that age, just being tired or not sleeping well can cause a child not to want to go to school. My 7 and 9 year olds still do that hear and there.

I will pray that this poses no problems during the remainder of your pregnancy.

Love & Prayers,


sonnysgurl89 said...

awwww i am sorry to hear that this is happening but as always i am still praying for you all..... just passing by saying love yall.... leslie

Regan said...

Sorry to hear about your hernia. That has to be uncomfortable. Will they fix it right after you have Brody? Poor Kaden. I hope he realizes how much he is still loved even if you can't carry him.

Take care of yourself and that baby.