Monday, November 10, 2008

That Darn Old Flu Shot...

Today we took Kaden to get his flu shot. I have heard lots of stories that you should tell you children why they are going to see the doctor. I don't know yet how much I agree with it, as it seems to put the fear in them. we let him know that he was going to get one shot and that it will probably hurt but only for a little bit. He kind of gave us that look like "um, ok I guess, what else do you want me to say." When we got to the hospital Nate dropped us off at the door and went to park the car. The nurse and I were holding Kaden's hands. For a moment we almost had to drag him into the hospital and he was protesting the whole way, telling everyone off that he spotted. He stopped and then signed "grumpy." I asked him if he was grumpy because he was going to get a shot and he signed "yes." I almost wanted to take him back to the car and go home. I explained to him that the shot is to help him from getting really sick and that we all had to get one. So anyway, we get to the office, which was packed by the way, and there was a little girl in there whose mother must have "warned" her as well because she was having a fit. I even heard her tell her mom that she didn't love her anymore (Kaden did say that he still loves me!!!). Well, Kaden pointed to her and signed "grumpy." Yep bubby she is grumpy too. He did fine until we had to go into the room. He even did pretty good getting the shot. I could tell that he was trying so hard not to cry, but he jerked back and bumped his head. So I think that in combination with the shot, brought on the waterworks (don't forget the band-aid, he hates those things).

Tonight, before Kaden was going to bed we were reading "Love You Forever." There is a part in the story that says the mother was "very old, and sick." He then pointed to himself and his leg where he got the shot. (remember, earlier in the day I explained to him that the shot is to keep him from getting really sick.) I asked him if he was sick and he signed "yes." There I go, confusing my little guy. I had to tell him that he is not sick, that he got the shot so he wouldn't get sick (knock on wood). It is funny how things get turned around. Well, then before putting on his pjs I asked him if I could take his band-aid off. Wrong thing to ask. He shook his head "no" very hard and started crying, worst then when he got the shot. Man, I am a mean mommy. I didn't take it off and had to convience him that I was NOT going to take it off in order to put on his pjs. Even after the pjs were on he cried, until I reassured him that he gets to go to sleep now and that the band-aid was staying on.


My Three Sons said...

Poor little baby. I haven't gotten Carson's flu shot yet because when they came in on Oct 15th, my doctor told me we would wait until after surgery. Last year he got sick after the shot but a very mild flu. So I know how he feels.(and you).

Give Kaden a great big hug and kiss from me and tell him how proud I am that he was so brave.

Take care,


The Rice Family said...

How sweet is that! I don't look forward to getting the kids flu shots at all. It looks like Kaden may have that bandaide for a while (lol). You'll have to give him a big hug from us and let him know what a big boy he was for getting his flu shot. I was going to tell the kids about the shot ahead of time also but now I think I may wait at least until we are in the room. Maybe them not thinking about it earlier will make it easier for all of us. I'll have to let you know how that goes.


Caden said...

Oh that sounds traumatic. I hope he's feeling better this morning. :(

The Bryant Family said...

We got ours and BOY did they hurt. I had never had a shot hurt the way it did. I know they have to hit the muscle but I think this nurse hit BONE. Then my arm ached for a day after. Hunter had soreness as well. Tuck hasnt had his is coming though. I dont know if it is better that they understand that they are getting a shot or to just give it and be done. Tucker doesnt understand, however it does know he doesnt like going to the doctor or the hospital. He throws a fit at either one. No stethoscope, no temp taking, no weight, no measurements...nothing without utter resistance. He is so strong.
Maybe you will be able to remove the bandaid later, like in a week or so. :) smiles.

Rachel said...

Oh that is so sad. Poor little guy. At least it's over and you don't have to do it for another year.

Hope your feeling well with your pregnancy..I think of you all the time.


Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

Poor little guy. Ava is getting her flu shot on Thursday and I'm not even going to be there. Kyle will have to take her alone... and he's not so thrilled about that. He's NEVER been with her to get a shot, I've always done it. He told me that he didn't want to take her because he didn't want to be the bad guy. However, mommy has a court hearing for work that morning that she can't miss so she can't be there.

I'm just crossing my fingers that he actually follows through and takes her!

Boeckman mommy said...

Poor Guy!! I am a firm believer in letting my kids know what is going on. I have been that way all along with Madison and she is so strong. She doesn't even wimper when she has to get a shot or blood drawn or anything. Dylan anticipates it too much, but does great, although he hates blood draws. And Syd, well, Syd is Syd. But she did great with her flu shot as well. Speaking of shots, Xavier gets his 4 month shots on Thursday. I don't look foward to that. He will not get his flu shot until 6 months of age.

And Syd and Kaden must be related in the bandaid dept. She hates to have her bandaids removed also. She is the only little kid I know that doesn't waste bandaids, because she hates to take them off.

Hope you are feeling well. Haven't talked to you in a while. I am having Grandma Boeckman's Thanksgiving here on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I will send you and invite hopefully tomorrow.

Tell Kaden Hi from all of us and give him hugs from us.


Isabella said...

Poor little guy :(
Bella gets hers today :(

Tammie said...

Hi - I just wanted to say that your story has touched my heart. I follow the Letters to Catherine blog and saw your post today. You and Katie have strength that I'm not sure I will ever have. You are an inspiration to me. I'll say a special prayer for your family and to baby Ava. God bless you and your family.