Saturday, November 15, 2008

Babies and Boo-boos

My cousin, her husband and their twin baby girls came down to visit. I was excited to see how Kaden would react to two babies. He seemed a little in awe at first, but for the rest of the day didn't seem to think twice about it. However, lately he has become mommy's little helper and today was no exception. I was trying to help my cousin out and change one of the girls' diaper as the other one was fussing because she was hungry. Kaden came to the rescue : ). He gave mommy a diaper and the wipes and then signed "mommy, help?" Of course I let him, I have to get him prepared for Brody, ok, I am totally kidding, but I did let him help. He opened the diaper for me as I lifted her legs and I told him to put it under her. He did, it just ended up upside down, so I fixed it a little. He wanted to use the baby wipe on her, so I let him. He then fastened her diaper, again with mommy's help and then helped me dress her. It was very cute and heartwarming to watch him be such a great big helper. He did such a great job. I again swelled up with pride. What's not to be proud of??? I have a the best little guy in my life.

Well, here comes the boo-boo part. Today I bought Kaden a potty seat that goes on top of the regular toilet (his bottom is getting a little too big for his own potty, and that is not saying much, because this little guy does not have a butt). I put him on the toilet (which he has done many times at grandpa and grandma's house) and told him to sit there while I had to run into the kitchen real quick. Before I know it I hear a "boom" and I ask Kaden what he is doing as I am walking back to the bathroom. I then hear him cry. I walked in and he is on the floor crying his eyes out, his pants stuck inbetween the toilet seat and the toilet itself. I sit on the floor with him trying to comfort him (remember, I can't pick him up although I really wanted to). I noticed a big red mark from his hairline to his eyebrow. I asked him where he hurts and he pointed to that area (duh mom). I asked him what happened but he either couldn't tell me or didn't feel up to it. Poor guy...I thought I ruined the big potty...but he did ask to use the potty tonight although we put him on his little potty chair. I guess I will have to get a chair to put in the bathroom and sit in there with him from now on. I felt absolutely HORRIBLE.


My Three Sons said...

Well that is just part of being a little one. They are going to hurt themselves with us right there or in the other room. I certainly know from experience.

I'm glad to see he is interacting with other babies. I think once he sees this baby as his own, he will act differently (in a good way) with Brody than with his cousins. He is smart and probably knows those two babies aren't "his". So he doesn't have to stay interested in them for long. I really think Kaden is going to be an awesome big brother.

Do you have any pets? If so, how is he around them? Just wondering/

Well I hope you have a great Sunday.

Rachel said...

Poor guy...It'll be ok. Accidents happen.


Tabby said...

It was so good to see you all. I especially loved seeing him interact with my daughters. It was precious, and I am now more proud than ever of Kaden. It was wonderful to see him interact with the girls, and I actually got to see how lucky Ava and now Brody are to have such a wonderful big brother.
I hope that everything continues to go well with your pregnancy, and give him hugs for me.