Friday, October 31, 2008


HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO EVERYONE!!! I hope everyone had a safe Halloween and got lots and lots of candy.

We took Kaden out trick or treating tonight. He was excited initially to get CANDY!!! He was too cute going up to the doors. He would sign "thank you" to everyone and often signed "Happy Halloween." He made a very cute Mickey Mouse. Halfway through he was ready to go home. He seemed really tired, but once we got home he had to go through each and every piece of candy he got tonight. Unfortunately it is his turn to be out of sorts. He is starting to come down with something, but hopefully it is nothing too serious...probably just a cold. He has a runny nose, cough and so much secretions. I feel horrible for him. Last night we were up about four times, each one lasting about 30 minutes to an hour. He was wreching and need constant suctioning. Poor guy. I hope that it doesn't last too long. Good news is, is that he doesn't have a fever right now and he is still pretty happy and seems to be tolerating whatever it is.

Today Ava would be 9 months old. It is almost unreal to me. I wonder what she would be doing now??? Crawling, babbling, eating baby food??? I think about how her and Kaden would get along, if Kaden would be the big brother that she looked up to, if she would be the little sister that wouldn't leave Kaden alone. We miss her so much. We have too really BIG pictures of Ava that are in the hallway right now. Every time we leave, Kaden will walk up to the pictures and say "bye" to them, and before bed he wants to give them kisses. Man, I love my kids. So anyway, tonight as I was pushing an empty stroller (because Kaden wanted to walk for awhile) it made me think of how my pretty girl, Ava, would be sitting in it, in probably the most girly costume I could find.

From there my mind changed gears to how next year Brody Jace will be sitting in the stroller. That's right, I think we have a middle name. After seeing it typed out though, I am not sure if I like the spelling. We will see. So anyway, this little guy is definitely a mover. Tonight while we were putting Kaden to bed, Brody started kicking (or punching) away. I told Nate to look, because we can know see him moving. Then I grabbed Kaden's hand and put it on my belly. Brody really kicked him and Kaden was really quick to pull his hand off of mommy's belly, almost like "what the heck was that." I was laughing so hard. He didn't want to touch my belly again.

Well, I am going to hang out with Nate. He has pretty much been gone the last two weeks for training. I will try to post pictures tomorrow of our cute little Mickey Mouse. I think there is actually a picture of my belly in at least one of girls (you know who you are) I am expecting to see some of you too after I post these!!!

We miss you baby girl and think about you constantly. We love, love, love you!!!


Regan said...

It sounds like Kaden had a good time last night despite being sick. Hopefully that passes quickly!

We've been vacumming the ladybugs instead of squishing them and our house still smells. It's terrible! I think I'll be glad when it freezes and we're done with bugs for awhile.

Isabella said...

Can't wait to see pics of Kaden in his costume. I bet he was so cute. I hope he gets to feeling better soon.
I will post belly pics soon, but I am warning you, I am already as big as a house!!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Aww... i love the name you have picked out. i always wanted to have a son named Jace - my cousin beat me to it, but that's ok. And when we found out we were pregnant with baby #2, we considered Brody or Brady! But we got our girl this time. I see that Ava would have been 9 months on the 31st... My Lauren was 9 months on the 28th - just days apart.