Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

You almost drove me crazy.

Today I decided to put up the tree. A few years ago I bought a pre-lit tree, the best thing next to slice bread, well so I thought until I put it up today. I plugged it in and 2/3 of the lights did not work. So Nate went through to look at each bulb and see if any looked burnt out (thanks babe). Poor guy had to look through the lights while still on the tree since we couldn't take them off. What a task, however one that was not a success. I decided to do the easy thing and go to the store to buy a couple strands of lights and just put them up on the tree for now. I get home plug the first set in, didn't work, second set, didn't work either. You have got to be kidding me!!! I was so frustrated at this point I wanted to through everything out of the window. My grandma had extra strands of lights and let me use a couple. SOOOO, after 4 hours we have a decorated tree with working lights.


My Three Sons said...

Sounds like my life. You know the best part of blogging is? I found out the crap that happens to me and I say to myself "why me"? Well it happens to all of us. I had a similair thing like that happen to me a couple of years ago. When my basement flooded, I bought a brand new pre lit tree last year so it is still to new to start having problems.

Glad you got it up. Take some pictures so we can see how pretty your tree is.

We never got out of the house yesterday. Would you believe Carson had 3 asthma flare ups? So much for the surgery fixing that! I'm pretty frustrated today as you can probably tell.

Take care and hugs to Kaden.

The Rice Family said...

How sad. So sorry putting up your tree turned out to be such an ordeal. I think someone needs to invent something that would tell us wich light was burnt out that would be so awesome. I'm ready to put our tree up also but since we get a real tree it will have to wait until after Thanksgiving. Anyways glad that you were able to make it work and get your tree up anyways. I bet Kaden was excited to see it go up!:)

Anonymous said...

THank YOu!!! I've always told people- DON'T buy a prelit. It annoys me to have to rewrap a tree and have all these unlit bulbs on it. That's probably their plan to get us to go buy another tree!! Days like that sure can take you out of the holiday mood in a hurry!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

We love putting up our tree too. We don't have the prelit one because we try to use different styles of lights. I think last year we had just over a 1000 lights of all shapes and sizes.

have fun putting the decor on!

The Bryant Family said...

I have always thought of buying a prelit because wrapping lights sux....but i think you just talked me out of it. I like lots of lights and the look of the prelit is nice, however....i would be one of those that had to go through what you did ,,,,so-no thanks. I am glad you got it up. I have mine up as well, the house is a disaster area with little "christmas mines" all over the place but until I get more time I cannot set everything up where I want it yet. I do a lot of putting up and taking down, trying to make it look just right--it is a process. (little OCD going on)
Have a great Monday and a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

I'm so jealous... I want to put my Christmas Tree up so bad and Kyle told me no, not until next weekend! However, I did get the lights up on the house yesterday and we turned them on for Ava last night and she just looks at them and says "so beautiful"!

Rachel said...

I am just dredding putting up our tree. For one, the lights, for two, Melana is walking now and will destroy it, and for three, i just put up my mother in laws tree (sick with cancer) so i don't want to do it again.

Glad you got some lights to work. I'd say...Let it be. No one cares!

love ya,