Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Movements, Bye-Bye's, Baby names

Today we had our level two ultrasound. Everything still looks great!!! They will look again in about 8 weeks just to reaffirm that everything is going well. The baby is measuring a little bigger then how far along I am, but I figured that is to come with the big babies Nate and I make. When I was pregnant with Kaden, I was asked with all of the ultrasounds towards the end of my pregnancy, if I was sure that I had my due date right. Ummm, yeah, saying that you gave it to me ; ). It was right...but the 9lb 13 oz baby boy would explain the questions.

Before leaving today, I explained to Kaden that grandpa would be taking him to school and picking him up from school. Kaden gave me a kiss and then typed "bye-bye" in his little talking device and waved bye-bye to me. He then typed "bye-bye, Ava," and waved bye-bye to my belly. I don't know if he was confused that last time grandpa was taking him to and from school was when I was with Ava at the hospital or if he is getting confused about mommy being pregnant again and Ava not being around. It broke my heart and I just explained to him that his baby brother is in mommy's belly and that I would be back home later that day. I think it would help him understand if we could decide on a name for the baby and start calling him by that.

Speaking of names...although the poll is over, we are still undecided. To let you all know...I won!!! I like the name Liam and Nate likes Talen (however you want to spell it). If it was up to Kaden it would be Elmo, Max (which I kind of like, but I know he is thinking of Max and of his favorite cartoons) there is a few more that I can't think of right now. I have come up with several names that catch my interest, but Nate is stuck on Talen. The other day I texted him a name I had thought of and he texted me back with "Talen." I told him he needs to open his mind up and think of other names and the text I got next was "Turbo." What a funny, funny man.

I have finally started feeling baby movements. I have been waiting and waiting. This is one of my favorite things about being pregnant. I don't feel strong movements yet, but withing the last three days or so I have been feeling them every once and a while. It makes me more and more excited to have this new baby in our lives.

We are so lucky and blessed to be given another opportunity to be parents, to experience a new love and get that love returned back to us. We are lucky and blessed to have these three wonderful lives with us (physically or not). We are lucky and blessed to experience a love that some others never get a chance. We are lucky and blessed to be trusted by God with his special gifts and I will forever be grateful for that .

Kaden, Angel Ava and baby boy
You three will forever have love that will never be taken away from you, but instead get stronger and stronger with every second, every hour, every day, every year. Mommy and daddy are in awe of each of you. The lessons you have taught us, the strength and the patience you have given us, could have never been given to us by any other person. You each are miracles to us in your own different ways. To say that we love you is an understatement...we could never explain how deep our feelings are for you all. You will forever be our greatest loves.

Loving you always,
mommy and daddy


My Three Sons said...

I think that is so cute that Kaden is saying bye to baby boy. He is going to be an awesome big brother.

I'm so happy to hear the ultra sound looks good. You will have to scan the pic in so we can see your little peanut.

Just out of curiosity, how much was Ava when she was born? I had a 7 lb 12oz, 8lb 10oz, and 9lb 3oz. Carson was the smallest but he was also born 3 weeks, 5 days early.

Okay, well it is time for me to hit the sack so take care and get some rest.


mumof2boys said...

I'm so glad the ultrasound went well.

You're little letter to your three kids was so sweet. You sound like a wonderful mum.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, isn't it a wonderful experience?

Caden said...

I'm so happy for you! That's awesome that everything looks great, and it will be the same in 8 weeks. :) Caden weighed 9lbs, 12 oz, so I know what you're feeling! This one is measuring big too. :( Caden lost all his chunk after he was born, but I think this one is going to be a fat little baby. Rolls galore! :)

Rachel said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! How hard that must be to try to explain to a small child that Ava is not the one in your belly.

I love you guys (even if I never met you) and I hope for nothing but the best for you!

I'm glad to here the ultrasound went well. You deserve a break!

Love Always,


Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

I am so glad that the ultrasound went well... and Kaden is going to make an amazing big brother! I really had no idea in looking at your pictures that Kaden was that big when he was born. My Ava was a tiny little girl, 6lb 2oz.

I've decided that names are really really hard. When I found out I was pregnant, I told Kyle that if it was a girl we were going to name her Ava and we never talked about another girl name. However, boy names were so bad for us. We fought so hard about boy names. We finally did decide on Max which is funny that you said that because we've talked with Ava about bringing home a baby someday to live with us and she's already named her brother "Max" because of Max & Ruby. I'm thinking we might need to come up with another name. She hasn't name her sister yet, she's just sister. Thank goodness its not Ruby LOL!! Loves...

baby names said...

Hope everything goes well for you.

Isabella said...

I am so happy for you guys!! That is wonderful news about the level two.
I don't even get a say on the name of this baby. I have named the last three, so Matt said it is his turn. And I think just to torture me, he will not tell me what he has decided until after I give birth!!! He jokingly said yesterday that he was going to name our baby Ronald McDonald!! Yeah, I don't think so!!
Thinking of you always

Anonymous said...

I actually love the name cole, as this is our son's name.

Names are so hard, though! Good luck and so great to hear the baby is doing good. I enjoy reading your blog! Your honesty in tough situations is so great!

OUr little guy was born with a medical situation and spent 10 days in the NICU. He is doing great and we have a super team of doctors at Children's Hospital along with a physical therapist that comes to our home weekly!

Can't wait to see pics of the new little guy! It's super fun to have two boys! That's what we have!

Stephanie, CO

Smurfy said...

Since you are both wanting different names and can't decide on one or the other, why can't you give him both names. Liam Talen?

Diane said...

Alright, here are some names I really like: Easton, Ashton, Creighton, Beckett, Carson, and Coleman. My son is also named Caden so I thought we might share the same taste in names :) Very happy to hear you and baby are doing well.

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