Friday, October 10, 2008

Answering ?'s

I wanted to answer a couple of questions for you guys. The first one is how long have Nate and I been married? We have been married for two years...together for six. The second question...yes we are alright. Kaden, Nate, my parents, my nephew and I went to Branson the last couple of days and got home tonight. It was Kaden's first getaway. He seemed to have a good time. He really loved the go-carts, kind of threw a fit the first time he had to get out of them. We went to a show last night, which he also seemed to really enjoy. It began at 8pm and ended at 10pm...he stayed awake and interested in the show the entire time. He even picked up on a new hobby, tap dancing : ). The was a small act where the group was tap dancing and at the end of the show Kaden stood up and began to attempt to do the same...too cute!!! I will post pictures tomorrow.

I wanted to share a couple stories of the car ride home. This is a little more PG-13, maybe even rated R, depending on who you are. On the way home my nephew, who is 5, and I were talking about him going home to see his mommy. He then goes on to tell me that he doesn't want to sleep at his house because it is a (brace yourself) "wh*re" house. I wasn't sure if I heard him right, so I asked him two more times. Well, I heard him right...and then bust out laughing, along with everyone else in the car...minus Kaden, he was busy watching cartoons. I then told him he means horror house. He couldn't say it, so grandpa comes to the rescue saying, you mean haunted house. I am still laughing about it as I type it out. Kids...

Kaden has just now learned how to say "MINE!!!" Ok, he doesn't say it clear, but trust me, when he says it he knows what he is trying to tell us, and dang it we better get it.

We stopped at McDonalds on the drive home and got my nephew a happy meal. The toy was a hot wheels car so my mom got a happy meal as well so Kaden could have a car too (for those that do not know, Kaden does not eat by mouth...reason for not getting him a happy meal). When we get back in our car, Kaden starts throwing a fit. I try to calm him down and tell him to tell me what he wants, all the while he is saying "mine, mine, mine" (which also sounds like is "mama"). I give him his lightwriter (the device he types into and it says what he types) and he proceeds with typing "Here, Miles" and is reaching behind him. I still didn't know what he wanted, so I asked if he wanted to play with his car that I put in my purse. He signed yes. As I go to get the car out, my nephew says "it's not in your purse, I have it." Duh mom!!! NOW I get it...!!! Kaden has never really claimed anything. He is pretty good at sharing, so the demand of "Here, Miles" is kind out of out of the ordinary for him...and I actually thought it was pretty cute. However, I did here a lot of "mine, mine, mine" the rest of the ride home. I don't know how much longer it will stay cute.

I will try posting pictures tomorrow.


My Three Sons said...

Yes kids sure say cute things. Just be glad Mile's was saying it in your car and not out in the open where everyone would be thinking your nuts.

Carson is starting the "mine" deal to. Your right, it was cute the first couple of weeks but now, well that's another story.

Can't wait to see the pics of Kaden. I hope you got to the outlet store and did a little shopping yourself.

What show did you see? We usually see the Dixie Stampede and the kids love it. It is the Country show with the horses.

Anyways, thanks for the update that your okay......

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

I thought that I had posted you a "Happy Anniversary" post but I guess I didn't :). I am so glad that you got to get away for a few days!

The Rice Family said...

That is so funny! That's so neat that he loved the go carts so much guess ya better start saving for one.