Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hubby Tag...

I saw this tag on Sam and Bill's Bunch and thought it was very cute and definitely different. So now it's my turn...

This is my HANDSOME husband

1. Full Name: I rather not put his full name, but his real name is Nathan (which his family goes by) I call him Nate as well as a lot of his friends.
2. How long have we been married: Just over two years...just celebrated our second anniversary.
3. How long did we date: 4 years
4. Who eats the sweets: depends on what they are...Nate loves ice cream as well as oatmeal cream pies.
5. Who said I love you first: that would be Nate. I actually didn't say it back right away (I felt it, but wanted to make sure, that is kind of mean when I think about it).
6. Who's Taller: Nate...we are both tall but he is about 5 inches taller then me. He is 6'3", I am 5'10"
7.Who sings better: That's funny...I would say I sing better but that is not saying much. I can't sing, so just imagine how great he can!!!
8. Who is smarter: depends on what you are asking.
9. Who does the laundry: pretty much...ME, but I won't do his hunting clothes.
10. Who pays the bills: Nate
11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: NOBODY...since Kaden is in our bed, we all sleep sideways. We have a king size and Kaden sleeps by the headboard so we can make sure that his tubing doesn't get under us, I sleep in the middle, and Nate sleeps by the footboard. I know, it is a site to see!!!
12. Who mows the lawn: Nate, I hate the smell of cut grass and gasoline.
13. Who cooks dinner: most of the time I do, unless I work really late then Nate does.
14. Who drives: Both of us...Nate can easily fall asleep behind the wheel when he is tired...I don't understand it.
15. Who admits they are wrong: are you crazy...neither one of us...we are both hard headed
16. Who asked who out first: We just hung out as a big group for awhile, but Nate did end up asking me "what I want(ed)" and that he wanted to be with me...How cute!!!
17. Who wears the pants: I guess we both do, although I tend to get a little upset when I don't get my way (according to Nate)
18. What does he do that surprises you? when he helps out around the house without me "nagging" him to do so.
19. What is your favorite feature on him? EVERYTHING (I know, sounds corney...but have you seen him??? I think he is pretty hot, myself!!!)
20. What is your favorite quality he has? he is an awesome daddy, and I know that I can trust him
21. Does he have a nickname for you? not really, he just always calls me babe or baby (which I heard once that those nicknames are for lazy people...???, I think it is still nice to hear)
22.What is his favorite food? that's easy...chicken enchiladas or chicken with mashed potatoes and "white" gravy
23.What is his favorite sport? Nate loves, football, baseball, golf, name it
24.What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? hang out either as a family or just the two of us. We like to rent movies and watch them after Kaden goes to bed (I know, hold on to your hats, we are very adventerous).
25. Does he have any hidden talents? he claims he can draw...the six years we've been together I haven't seen anything day!!!
26. What do you admire most about him? That is easy...I am amazed at his strength and support and love for our family. With everything we have been through, I know that we can do anything together...we have a bond that nobody can take away from us (as a couple and as a family).
27. What is his favorite color? blue
28. How did he propose? This might be a long story...He was in the police academy and came back for the weekend. It was a Friday night and when I got home from work he was already there sitting on the couch. Our plan was to go out to celebrate my birthday since he would be gone during the week. He told me to go upstairs and get ready so we can leave. I went upstairs and noticed our bedroom door was closed (it was never closed). I opened it to get my things together and there were candles EVERYWHERE and rose petals on the bed in the shape of a heart with a single rose on top. There was also a new down comforter on the honestly I thought that was my birthday present and he just set up a beautiful presentation. He came upstairs and tried his hardest to get me to pick up the rose. I told him that I wanted to leave it so I could take pictures when we got back. He then told me that we should put the rose in water...I said it already has a water thing on the stem. He tried again by telling me to smell the rose...what do I do...lay on the bed and leaned over to smell it. I finally picked it up and saw a ring dangling from the rose on a string. I looked at him and asked him what it was. He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I don't know if I ever said yes...I do remember saying "are you forreal" twenty thousand times. (and he actually asked for my dad's permission) The rest is history!!!

I love you babe...we are lucky to have you in our lives!!!

I tag anyone who wants to do this. It actually is a bit fun to spill the beans on the hubby!!!


Caden said...

What a cute idea. I think I might do that if I'm bored at work later. :)

Boeckman mommy said...

Hey guys,
Hope all is going well. How was Kaden's first day at Pre K? I bet he did great.

To answer your question, the video is from our camcorder. It is alittle dark, but I think that is my fault for not having much light on when I was recording.

And I wanted to let you know, I was reading your tag and it brought tears to my eyes when I was reading about your proposal. Michael was definetly not the romantic proposal type. He has never really done anything like that. He will bring flowers home for me and surprise me with other things, but that is awesome. And I never knew about that until now.

Take Care and hope to see you all soon.

BiLlY, sAm, AnD bOyS!!! said...

you guys are SO cute together!!! I'm glad you did that!

his engagement story is too perfect! where did you find such a romantic??? I want Nate to teach Bill a few things!!!!!

Rachel said...

How fun is that! I would love to do it, but probably not a good idea right now since we're separated. Maybe once we get back together (which will hopefully be soon), I'll try it then. the pictures. You guys are truely a beautiful couple.

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

How fun... I LOVED the engagement story!

Isabella said...

That was really sweet. I think I will have to do that later. And I was so excited to see that Kaden will be getting his new bed set!! That is so awesome.
Love and Hugs

My Three Sons said...

That was the perfect story for my nerve wrecking day. I just love the engagement story. What a unique way to propose. Just like a great story out of a very good romance novel!!!

Take care and give Kaden a big hug from us.

CrackerJacks said...

Very nice tidbits!

Congrats on winning, I am glad I could be of help.

Happy Halloween!

You Have Been Booed!.