Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't forget to vote...

For Kaden...who cares about voting for a president ; )?!!! I was having trouble getting onto the website this morning, to check out the votes, so if you having trouble getting on to vote...keep trying. We have some catching up to do : )!!!

Thanks for all the votes so guys are awesome!!!

Vote here:


Owain's mommy said...

I was just finally able to get my vote in. So far Kaden is a head! Woohoo! I am going to try and get everyone I know who has a computer to vote for Kaden. After everything he has been through he deserves this.

Have a great day!


CrackerJacks said...

My site has enlisted in your efforts. I hope me and the Photostory Friday team can help bring you to a win.

Anonymous said...

Can you only vote once?? Or once per day?? And I will put it up on my facebook account and e-mail everyone I know in my address book to help you out. I hope he wins!!! You guys deserve this so much!!! GOod LUck!

Caden said...

Voting voting voting. I'll vote every day from work, and I'll try to do it when I get home, from that computer too. :)


stefanie said...

I voted. Sent by CrackerJacks.

You are amazing!