Monday, October 13, 2008

Just to fill you in...

So the Ava memorial golf tournament that was scheduled for Sept and was cancelled due to the rain was rescheduled. It will now be this Saturday, Oct. 18th in Onaga, KS. I know, I know, "great" notice...sorry. But I believe there are still spots opened for any team who would like to join.

My plan is to make this into a yearly event, to raise money for other charities in Ava's memory. So be prepared, and maybe I could start posting more of a notice.


My Three Sons said...

I know Ava is looking down and smiling so big at you and your big heart. What a wonderful way to honor your beautiful angel. Let me know if I can donate any gift cerificates for massage, facial, hair cuts, mani/pedi. I know sometimes there are silent autions and I would love to help out.

Since it would be such a short notice, call me at 816-616-7346 (cell) or 816-361-3393 (work). We can get them out in the mail ASAP.

My Three Sons said...

Oh and PS, just wanted to tell you thanks for leavng a comment on Kyle's heart. I know you understand first hand and this family was so amazing. They are away from home and Marylin is feelin a little lost. She told me she's just not used to being in a big city. Thay have about 900 acres in Iowa that they farm and everyone knows everyone in the small city.
I just fell in love with Kyle and certainly didn't want to leave. He has a positive attitude and his spirits are great.

I'm glad to see that my blogging circle is working. That is what she felt comforted by the most. Strangers reaching out and praying and supporting them.
Okay, I'm rambling on. Just trying to make sense of why our little ones must endure so much in their young age.

Rachel said...

Hey...thanks for praying for Stephanie, Eric and thier 3 beautiful kids. She does have a website and they keep it updated very well.

It is

PS...Mason is fine. He loves his orange cast and thinks it's cool.


CrackerJacks said...

I am glad to see you got to reschedule it. I hope it goes well and the weather is nice.

Isabella said...

Kaden looks like he had a fabulous time on vacation. I think you are right, Bella will enjoy it more whens she gets older. We will be thinking of you guys this weekend with your gold tournament. I wish we could be there. Are you guys taking donations from people who can't be there? Let me know, we would love to help even in our absence!!

Boeckman mommy said...

Wow Amy, you guys have been busy! I must not have visited the blog for a while. Love all of the pictures. Looks like you all had a great time.

Michael and I tossed the name Brody around also, but there is a little boy up the street that is 2 with that name, so we chose not to. But I think Brody Talen sounds great.

Are you guys getting ready to build? That is exciting. Are you building on the lots that you had bought earlier?

Hope you are feeling great. I do think you need to work on getting to bed earlier. Don't know how you do it. We are always in bed by 10. Lots of times before. Get some rest.

Hope to see you all soon. Didn't know about Saturday, and sorry to say we have plans. But maybe we will cut them short. The Opry is in Havensville on Saturday night also at 7. This is the one that Karen and Randy sing in. I guess Karen is not in this one but Randy is. Let me know if you think you will want tickets, I can get them for you.

Love to all,

The Rice Family said...

HI!! James talked to Nate earlier in the week about the tournament and he is working on a team and planning on being there. I won't be able to make it though because Nikki has dance on Saturdays but I will be thinking of all of you.