Sunday, October 12, 2008

Little more about me...


I am- very excited about building a house (hopefully it gets started soon!!!)
I want- to KNOW that Kaden will forever be surrounded by friendly people.
I have- mood swings like no other when I am pregnant.
I wish- this list could go on and on...on the top of course would be wishes for my babies.
I hate- the fact that not every child is loved like they should be.
I fear- death, whether it be Nate and I dying too young and explaining that to one of our babies, Kaden, this baby, my family
I hear- Kaden's ventilator in the background.
I search- for answers to a lot of things.
I wonder- about things in my future.
I always- think about Kaden and Ava.
I usually- spend more money then I should.
I am not- happy with how slow my hair is growing. Grow darn it!!!!
I dance- when I have one too many...which hasn't happened in a LONG time.
I sing- in the car and to Kaden, my angel, and this baby.
I never- flush any toilet (including our own) with my hand...always with my foot.
I rarely- let the dishes pile up in my sink. I hate dirty dishes.
I cry- when I am sad, when I am frustrated and according to Nate when I am watching a chick flick.
I am not always- up this late...ok, most of the time I am, but I am trying to fix that.
I lose- my train of thought way to often when I am pregnant.
I'm confused- with how to start my own in-home daycare.
I need- a bigger house!!!
I should- be SLEEPING.
I dream- that things will go "right" for my family and our lives.
I TAG- anyone who hasn't done this.


Regan said...

If you ever get unconfused about the daycare let me know, because I'm sure we're going to have to find some soon.

Amie said...

Your daycare comment stood out to me. I did daycare for a few months and it wasn't for me. My mother-in-law has done it 20+ years and always has a waiting list. In Utah, if you tend under 4 unrelated kids, you do not require licensing. Otherwise, you do. For us, we contact the state health dept. They have a LOT of rules to follow and drop in on you unexpected. The state makes it a headache but its still a good way to go if you can be home with your babies. (I quit because Brody had chronic asthma and my daycare kids would come with a stench of cigarette smoke and cat hair all over them which would complicate Brody's condition--not worth it to me!)

My Three Sons said...

Where are you building at? I'm assuming in the same city because of Nate's job? I love the pictures of Kaden. He is one very happy boy. I love the pics with him in his cowboy outfit. I was going to be have Carson be a John Deere Farmer this year for Halloween. I need to find him a cowboy hat. We are going to participate in a trunk or treat this Friday at the school since Children's messed up his real plans.
I think daycare would be great for you. What a better way to love on little ones and stay at home with yours while making money. Maybe you could finish your basement for the business. I have a big rec room with a full bath downstairs and I actualy thought about that at one time. Then I remembered all of Carson's appointments and Charlie's lack of. So I will stick with my day spa.

Amie said...

So I totally missed the post where you mentioned the possibility of naming your baby Brody. I gotta tell ya. I'm a huge fan of that name! ;)
In response to your comment on my blog, what is it you do for a living, if I may ask? Also, feel free to email me anytime.