Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting Closer!!!???

They started weaning Ava's vent settings. The earliest she can come off is later tonight, but she probably will not come off until tomorrow or so, and that is only if she tolerates it of course. The poor baby has been so upset when she wakes up today. The doctors started weaning her drugs again, after going back up yesterday. She is probably waiting for her feedings to start back up as well. My poor baby girl acts like she is starving when daddy cleans her mouth. She starts sucking the water out of the thing Nate uses to clean off her lips and the inside of her mouth. She is also a little on the puffy side again...they had to give her more fluids and blood early this morning. Hopefully the puffiness will go down again, soon. I am getting so anxious to hold her again and for some crazy reason...put clothes on her and give her a bath and brush her hair. It must be the "having a girl syndrome."


Amy said...

This all sounds so awesome! I am so glad that things are going well. I hope they continue. I didn't realize she may come off the vent so soon. That is great. Hope to see you all soon. Give Kaden and Ava kisses and hugs from all of us, esp. Sydnie. She is just dying to see baby Ava:)
Love to all

Isabella said...

Those feelings of wanting to hold her and brush her hair and put clothes on your baby are all too familiar. Soon you will get to do all of those things!!
Praying Always

Anonymous said...

Amy and Nate..Kaden and Ava,
I just is simply IN LOVE with God right now!You guys so deserve a "break" for once hopefully this is path of uphill!! And to a speedy recovory! And as for the girl syndrome I feel for you cause I went shopping the other day and bought Ava the sweetest little outfit from Gap!I could not pass it up.. so I cannot imagine being her mommy and the waiting game!Thank god we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel! and I bet the anxiety of being able to hold and love on her is just eating at you !!I am really trying to get a date to come up I swear everytime I think I can I get so busy with work and everything!I know that is NO excuse but it SO busy right now!SO I will be making a date on the calendar to see you all soon and then hopefully the next time after that I can visit you all at home sweet home with you baby girl!Anyways you are in our thoughts and prayers and I am dying to see all of you! I am so HAPPY to hear the amazing news!I LOVE GOD! Take care, God Bless, Whitney

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that she is doing well. May she continue to thrill and be home soon