Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Waiting Game

Well, we are still waiting to find out when the surgery date is. I believe we will find out tomorrow when everyone comes back from the weekend. I pray that it will be soon-. Ava is still doing fine, maybe not as well as when she first arrived, but she is still fighting. Unlike Kaden, Ava is getting too much blood/oxygen to her lungs. The docs want her sats around 88-92%, she was in between 96 and 100 so they had to put her under a hood (almost like an oxygen hood). Instead of receiving more oxygen, it gives her less than room air (room air being 21%, she is getting 16%). Her blood gases were slowly getting bad and they discussed putting her on the vent, but opted to try lasix first being that she had fluid building up around her heart and lungs. So far it seems to be doing the trick, please pray that it continues to work and that she will stay clear of the vent until of course surgery.

She is still gorgeous as ever. I am sorry that I haven't been able to post pictures, I have no way of doing it on the RMH computers. Micah, I thought Nate had your phone number to text a pic, but he said he didn't and for some reason I never saved it in my phone, so if you and Megan want to e-mail me your numbers I can always send you one. I believe everyone else received a text, if not I am sorry and if you want you too can send me your number and I will do so. Thank you all for the prayers, please continue to pray as she is not out of the woods yet.

P.S Kaden seems to be adjusting well to mommy and daddy taking turns going back and forth!!!! We were able to take him to Sesame Street Live yesterday (thanks to the RMH). After his inital fears...he absolutely loved it. It was so fun for Nate and I to see him enjoy something soooo much. We have lots of pics to post, hopefully I can send my memory card home and have my parents or sister do it.


Isabella said...

We are of course praying like crazy. Ava is going to be a fighter like her big brother. Matt and I will be up there on the 11th and we are really hoping we will get to meet up with you guys. I am glad you got a chance to take Kaden out. I tell you the Ronald McDonald house is so great about taking care of people. I will e-mail you my number because I can't wait to see pictures of this beautiful little girl!! I can only imagine how precious she must be.
Take Care and lots of love

Anonymous said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers and I cannot wait to come and see you !!! Take care adn God Bless!!Love, Whitney, Koltan, and Treytan!

Sarah said...

Congratulations of the birth of your baby girl! Ava is such a beautiful name and I'm sure she is beautiful too.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. My name is Sarah and I am a nurse in CMH's PICU and was a primary nurse for our friend, Isabella. I know what a tough road you have ahead of you, but know that you have the love and support of so many people. I only work on the weekends, but I'm sure I'll see you in the PICU this weekend.


Pam said...

Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!! I hope things are still going well. As scary as heart surgery is, it is literally amazing what they can do.

Rhett was 4 months when he had his heart surgery, but he only weighed 7lbs, so she's already bigger than he was!!! Crazy huh?

I have been thinking of you lots, and let me know if you need anything.

Oh, and Rhett says he is jelous that you got to see Sesame Street Live!!!

Many hugs and prayers as always!!!

Pam and Rhett

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and Nathan. Dad said that surgery is scheduled for Monday morning and it looks like we are going to come down for surgery. Can't wait to see her. I am sure she is as adorable as her mommy. You are all in are prayers and thoughts. Give Kaden hugs and kisses from Aunt Pamela and cousin Megan. She wants so badly to come see you all but she can't take off from school. If she is anything like her big brother she will be a fighter. Bless you all and take care will see you Monday.

Love Pamela and Megan

Anonymous said...

Amy,Nate,Kaden,and little Ava,
We here at Advocare are so very glad all is going good so far. Congratulations Amy and Nate on you new little girl and congratulations to Kaden on his new little sister.
Hope to have you all home soon. Our prayers are with you all.

From all of us here at Advocare