Monday, February 25, 2008

Not Today

Well, as suspected, the surgeon did not want to close Ava's chest today. She still has a lot of fluid she needs to get rid of. The doctors did start another med to help with that, yesterday. Other than that she continues to be doing what they want her to. She does seem to have her nights and days mixed up right now. The night nurses say she has been staying awake a lot during the nights and of course she sleeps during the day while Nate and I are here. We hope that gets switched around before she goes home : ). If not, oh well, we will take what we can get.

We have met another nice family here who's baby has a diaphragmatic hernia (like Kaden). He is still on ECMO, but is having surgery today to repair the diaphragm. Please add them to your prayers today. We know how hard it is to watch your precious little one go through something so difficult and to feel so helpless. Praying and trusting in the Lord is the only way to help get these babies through this as well as ourselves.

I know I say this with almost every post, but it comes from my heart and I do not know what else to say, but thank you for all of your prayers. This is what is keeping Ava so strong, as well as the both of us, so please keep praying!!!!


Pam said...

Thinking of you, and always always praying.

Give Ava a kiss from Rhett, and Kaden a kiss from me!!!

Loves to you guys,

Pam and Rhett

Anonymous said...

Again we continue to Pray for Little Ava! Hopefully they will soon be able to close her up cause that means a closer date to going home:) And I will pray too that she gets her nights and days back on track cause I am sure you could always use the sleep :) YOU BUSY LADY! anyways, know that I am here if u need anything I am hoping to make it up possibly next weekend,, with Kadens X-mas gift and Ava's gift:)(you know me forgetfull)Anyways take care and you and your fam are in my daily prayers!Love whitney, koltan, treytan:)

Anonymous said...

That is good news that Ava seems to be progressing as the Dr's are wanting. She is quite the little fighter. Hopefully the meds will help with her fluid build up. I keep praying everyday for her recovery. I wouldn't worry to much about her nights and days yet, she is just probably confused with all the nurses and doctors coming in and checking on her at all hours of the day and night. The main thing is that she is at least getting some rest and on her way to recovery. You go Ava.
Give Ava and Kaden hugs and kisses for us. We are always praying for you all.
Lots of love,
Pamela and Megan