Friday, February 15, 2008

Still on ECMO

The doctors have tried to wean Ava over the last 48 hours in hopes of taking her off ECMO today. We received a phone call early this morning from the nurses and they stated Ava's heart could not perform it's normal function and began to fail. The surgeon decided to leave Ava on ECMO and to try again on Monday if things go smoothly. The surgeon said it appears Ava's heart is still "stunned" from the surgery and has not fully recovered. Please continue to pray for our baby girl's strength, health, and successful recovery.

On another note, Kaden came back to KC with Grandpa H last night and is being his normal silly self. We were ecstatic to see each other. Kaden showed us all of his valentines cards he received from school and he said he had fun back home. We're not quite sure if Kaden understands everything that is going on but he appears to be happy.

Thank you again for all your support and prayers. It makes us feel blessed to know there are so many caring people in our lives.


Anonymous said...

I really hope she'll be able to come off ECMO on monday! I have so much faith in her that she'll pull through! She has so many people praying for her and loving her right now! Let Adam and me know if you need anything! I'm hoping maybe sunday we can come down. i'll call you to let you know! We love you so much! Take care and give Kaden kisses! and tell Ava how much we love her!
Jen and Adam

Anonymous said...

Amy and Nate,
Not a hour goes by that I don't think of your family! I have been praying for you and asking others I am close to to do the same. Nate, I work with Matt Hagenmeister. His brother use to live with you! He has been asking about baby Ava alot. Take care of each other. Sending you big hugs :)

Kristy, JC

Anonymous said...
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Gabi's Mommy said...

The good thing is Ava is still fighting, along with her doctors! They still see a gleam of hope as the 2 of you should. She has been challenged far beyond what any of us could endure, but she is still hanging on. I know you have not given up, I am sure it is a bit disappointing to not be off ecmo, but the fact that she still has fight in her makes it all worth the wait. Keep your faith and know that God will protect and provide her comfort!
We are sending many many hugs and prayers your way.
Love to all!!!

So glad you got to be with Kaden yesterday. It is so good he is so loved, no matter where mommy and daddy are you have done an excellent job letting him know just how much you care. Of course it is a bit confusing to him, but hey we are all confused in what our children have to go through:)

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are praying for you and little Ava. We got your link through a friend of a friend. Having went through a similar situation recently, we know how hard each minute can be. Especially watching your child fight. Just remember that God can perform miracles, and Ava's in His hands now.
Mike and Carrie Wands

Diane said...

Nathan, Amy, Kaden and Ava:

Please know that you are all in everyone's thoughts and prayers. Nate, it's so heartbreaking to have to see your family go through this again. Thankfully it sounds like little Ava is doing as well as can be expected. She is absolutely beautiful and must be a little fighter. She is very special and so is her brother. They are very lucky to have parents like you. We will continue to pray that the good Lord will continue to give Ava the strength she needs for a successful recovery and we’ll pray for strength for the rest of you too. You are all truly amazing.

Love and prayers,

Gary and Diane Haverkamp

Isabella said...

Ava is in our thoughts and prayers. It is going to an eventful day it looks like for both Ava and Bella. We will be thinking of you. If you need anything or just want to talk we are here in the PICU. Matt and I tried to find you yesterday, but we were not really sure how to get into the NICU.
Thinking of you always

The Rice Family said...

Amy, Nate, Kaden and Ava

Our prayers continue to be for a speedy and safe recovery for Ava and for strength for the rest of you. Remember to keep the trust and faith in your Dr's. We will continue to pray that the Lord will guide their actions to the benefit of you all. Continue to show your Love for each other and Ava, she can definately feel the Love you all have for her. Miracles can and do happen around us everyday, we will continually pray that Ava is among those miracles!

Love The Rices

The Bryant Family said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers...I will be praying all day Monday for Ava and Bella. I know how scary all this is, ECMO is such a scary thing. I pray that Ava continues to be strong and fight and that you have the strength to endure anything that comes your way.

Anonymous said...

You and your beautiful children have been in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. I have shared your blog link with other members of our extended family so that their prayers can be added as well. You are special people and your faith and the prayers of those who know you personally and those who don't will get you through these next days and weeks. Blessings to All of You! Shelly Sullivan and the extended Sullivan Family, Topeka

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy & Nate,
You are in my prayers. I am also asking all friends to pray for Ava. I am sure the lenten observation will benefit Ava.
Fr.Arul Carasala

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine what you are going through right now!Because I broke down bad today looking at those sweet innocent pictures of you sweet baby girl!MY HEART GOES OUT TO YOU!It is so unbeliveable how one day you look at a "healthy" sweet little girl and then you seee her after surgery !! I pray daily and may the lord give you stregth! Love Always, Whitney

jeff :) said...

While I don't know your personally, I wish you and your family the very best during this difficult time!

Much love,