Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Maybe Tomorrow

So, the news is that Ava will possibly get her chest closed tomorrow!!! One step closer to holding our baby girl again and even better...going home. They increased her feeding rate to 4cc an hour and they are decreasing her drugs.

Kaden has been looking for grandpa since grandpa went home. The last two mornings he has signed "grandpa, sleep" and pointed to living room area where he slept while he was here. I have to explain to him that grandpa is not here right now, but he will be back later. I don't think he was spoiled at all while he was here : ). Nate will probably be going home Saturday night and will bring Kaden back with him. He will come back up on his days off. It is not set in stone at this point, but if Ava does get her chest closed up this week and continues to do what is wanted of her then he will. Kaden will be excited to go home and go back to school, I'm sure. I will miss him so much, but I think it will help me have more time with Ava. We will see how things go.


Anonymous said...


We miss you guys and can't wait to have everyone home. Give Kaden a big hug and kiss for me and a little kiss for Ava. Let me know as soon as you know when Ava is getting closed up and I will drive back up for a day or two. Tell Toby we are praying for his little one as well as Ava and hope only for the best. See you soon, Love always Dad.

Anonymous said...

Amy and Nate,

I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Is there anything you need for miss Ava or Kaden? How about you? Make sure you are taking care of yourself. I know this is such a stressful time and if you need anything please let me know. I love how strong our children are!! I hope to hear more good news tomorrow.

Kristy, JC