Monday, August 18, 2008

Updated Baby News...

There is not too much to report, but thought I would update you all on the baby and the belly. I went to my first doctor's appt. last week and got to hear the heart beat. I am guessing that we are having a boy, just by listening to the heart. However, I really thought that Kaden was going to be a that is how great my intuition is. We will be having a sonogram done on the 5th of Sept. I am very anxious to get this done. I am starting to get really excited though, especially now that my sickness is pretty much gone. I have my moments every once in awhile, but for the most part it is gone. I am very tired all of the time...and MOODY. As for the belly, it is noticeable. It actually has been noticeable for a long time now. I am so frustrated with the clothes situation. I didn't buy to many warm weather outfits with Ava because I was not showing as early, so trying to find something to wear now is driving me nuts. Hopefully not too much longer for fall weather...for so many reasons.


Jessica said...

I still have most of my summer maternity stuff, a few basic tanks, t-shirts, a skirt and some capris, maybe some other things. I was super pregnant through the summer so all of my stuff is warm weather. Let me know if you'd like to take a look or just want me to drop em off to you sometime, would be happy to help anyway I can!!

My Three Sons said...

Got your post and thanks. I check on you guys and sometimes wonder whats going on when you haven't posted for a while. Yes, you do need to keep us posted on your progress as well. Are you going to be in KC anytime soon? I have some clothes that might help out a little. Anyways, I'm always glad to see you posting and leave comments on mine!!!! Take care


CrackerJacks said...

Yeah, congrats on not being so sick anymore. Glad to hear all is well! What was the heart rate? Did they give you a due date?

Regan said...

To be completely nosey- what size do you wear? If it's close to what I wear, then I have some warm weather maternity clothes you could borrow if you wanted. I'm completely excited about this baby and to find out if your intuition is correct.

How was Kaden's birthday? Were you able to do anything fun with him?

I priced new cameras at Best Buy the other day. I think you can find a nice one for around $175, of course, Ryan wants our next camera to be one of the ones that costs $400, which means I'll be using a camera with no display for a long time!

And Aric is still not sleeping through the night, in fact this week he's back to getting up twice in the night. Either I'm getting used to it or I just don't notice that I am sleep deprived, but I feel like I'm functioning better during the day.

Caden said...

Amen sister! It's good to hear that you went to the doctor and that you'll be getting a sono soon! That will put you at ease, and make the next few months more bearable. Hang in there...


Rachel said...

I must say you are a REMARKABLE woman. With all you are going through, you still have time to stop by my blog and leave me words of encouragement! How wonderful you are!

I am so excited for you about this baby. I know that nothing or no one will ever replace "beautiful Angel Ava" but God and Ava are wanting to make you happy!

You have 2 of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen and I know this one will be just as beautiful!

You deserve nothing but happiness and I pray every day for that!

Thank you for being my blogger friend. I cherish every comment from you.

Wishing you well Always,


Caden said...

Thanks for stoping by our blogs. We have a name picked out, but with so far to go and so much time to think about changing, we aren't telling anyone yet. I think that some people in our family are upset that we didn't choose a name from our family. I'm just not into that too much. We have soooo much stuff left over of Caden's. He didn't wear a lot of his clothes so between that and the grandparents, I don't think we'll have to buy anything at all! That's good. I was (not so) secretly hoping for a girl, but I guess he'll do. :)

Take care, and they should be able to tell what you're having by the sono. Just make sure you drink some OJ before you go in... gets the baby moving. :)


Isabella said...

I am glad the sickness is wearing off. We are praying for your upcoming sono.
Thinking of you always

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

I am glad the sickness has went away. Do you have a due date yet? I am glad to hear all is going well. I can't wait to hear about the sonogram on the 5th.