Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun At The Park

It was a pretty nice day today, so Nate, Kaden and I enjoyed ourselves at the park for a little while. Kaden seems to love the park. He couldn't get enough of the swings or slides. Hopefully it starts getting cooler outside sooner then later so we can enjoy the park more often!!!


Isabella said...

such a handsome boy!!

My Three Sons said...

I can't get over how big he is getting!!! I just love those pictures of him. He is so happy.

As for potty training....well, I'm not so sure that I'm ready. I bought Carson one that sings at Wal-Mart and I have started but he's not very interested. Oh well, I guess in his own time.

Thanks for my comment. It's nice to see that even when I'm away for a while that I still have some still checking in on me.

BTW, I have three of the videos I'm just waiting for them to arrive in my hands and then I will let you know so I can mail them. I'm hoping by next Thursday!!!!

Talk to you soon,

Caden said...

He looks like he had a blast! :)


CrackerJacks said...

Great photos! The park is always the best place to be on a nice day.

Angel Gabi's Mommy said...

Looks like a perfect way to spend time together!

reneekramer1522 said...

It's good to she Kaden so happy. He is getting so big. I know Kaden has a birthday coming up so we want to wish him a HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY!!! Hope he enjoys his birthday as much a Brock enjoyed his. Can you believe they are already 4. Time sure does fly. Amy hope you are getting over the morning sickness. Jim had a good time golfing with Nathan the otherday. Your family is still in our thought and prayers.

The Kramers

Anonymous said...

Just look at him playing in the park with Daddy and Mommy. He is getting so big, and to see him walking around and playing without his ventilator for a little while also is good progress. You go big boy and keep up all the good work.