Sunday, August 31, 2008

Times Two

I just wanted to congratulate my cousin Tabitha and her husband Gary on the arrival of their twin daughters, Sierra and Alyssa. The girls were born Aug. 29th, 5 weeks early. Sierra weighed 5 lbs and Alyssa was at 4 lbs 10 oz. Sierra is currently on oxygen because she is having difficulty keeping her O2 sats up and both girls are being feed by NG tube. They are expecting the girls to have about a two week stay in the NICU. Please keep them in your prayers. I have not yet had a chance to post a photo of the girls, but I will when I get a hold of a photo.

Congratulations you two!!! I can't wait to meet them.

Update: I just talked to my cousin, and Sierra was actually on C-PAP. She is now off and seems to be doing better, with occasionally needs of oxygen. Alyssa is holding her own, however. Mom is doing fine, but sounds very tired and ready to get her girls home. Hopefully I will being posting a picture tomorrow!!!


My Three Sons said...

Is there something in the water???? That is wonderful. Holy Moly, Twins.....what a handful. It seems like she will have a lot of help with your family so that is good news. I will pray that those two precious babies get to come home soon with your family.


CrackerJacks said...

Congrats on the twins! How exciting!

owensmommy said...

I saw a link for your blog while I was checking for updates on another blog I am currently following. For some unknown reason, I felt very compelled to read your blog. I am really not sure why, but something was willing me to do so. I don't know how many times I got tears in my eyes. You and your husband have gone through so much together. My son in two years old and I can not imagine going through something like that with him. Please know that you are TRULY an inspiration as a mom. You have taught me not so take one smile, one laugh, one tear or anything for granted because in life nothing is a guarantee. Your children are both beautiful children. Your son is such a smart and brave little guy that has come so far. I pray that he conquers all the obstacles that may lie ahead. He has done wonderful so far! Your little Angel is such a doll and I bet she smiles down on you everyday for continuing to be such a wonderful mommy to her. I wish you nothing but happiness during your pregnancy and pray that you have a healthy baby. The Lord knows that you, your husband and little boy all deserve it. I really hope you don't mind that since I am a stranger I read your blog. I am really glad that I did though. It has really taught me so much. Please know that even strangers do care and pray for your strength in the days ahead. God bless you and your family.

Isabella said...

We are Praying for the twins and always praying for you guys!!

Caden said...

Tell them congrats for us!

Regan said...

I am excited to hear about the results on Friday. I'll keep you all in my prayers. I also hope that you're feeling better. I've actually been trying to keep Aric away from the general population so I don't have to deal with a sick baby on top of everything else.
No, Ryan doesn't hunt. I actually taught Ryan to fish after we got married. His family just didn't do much of anything outdoors. Sometime when Ryan is back home Nate can come out and scope out the property and see where it all is.